If you've ever been to Las Vegas or Atlantic City then you know how easy it can be to lose your entire bank-roll before your trip is through.

If you lose all your spending-cash after the first night then the rest of your vacation might be kind of a drag. That's why you've got to pace yourself in the bars, clubs, and especially the casinos.

But that's a lot easier said than done, especially when there's an endless sea of slot machines and card tables calling your name and promising to make you a millionaire.

Luckily, there are ways to have fun in a casino without risking much money.

If you've got an afternoon to kill then the first thing you should do is find the nearest keno lounge. Keno is kind of like the lottery except the numbers are drawn every couple of minutes.

You pick anywhere from one to twenty numbers on a card consisting of eighty numbers, and how ever many of the twenty numbers that are drawn match the numbers you've picked determines your prize. It's a real easy game to figure out.

Just because it looks easy, though, doesn't mean it's easy to win. In fact, keno has some of the worst odds in the casino. But the difference between keno and all the other games that have "better odds" is that keno costs hardly anything to play.

Sure you can wager as much as you want, but most keno lounges offer 5 cent or 10 cent draws. The smaller the bet the less you're risking your hard earned money.

Now that you and your friends have found the perfect keno lounge you should find some comfortable seats and settle in. You shouldn't have much trouble finding chairs next to each other since keno lounges rarely get packed.

Take a minute to get comfortable with your surroundings and begin considering which numbers feel the luckiest to you. Mark your card with however many numbers you feel like for how ever many games you feel like playing.

Make sure you pay the lowest possible amount per game. If you can find 10 cent keno you can play 100 games for $10. That equates to several hours worth of keno fun.

Once you've got your numbers picked go ahead and pay for your games. Each time new numbers are drawn you can cheer for your ticket. It turns into pretty good competition between you and your friends, and it keeps you involved in the game.

Pretty soon the cocktail waitress will come around and offer everybody drinks. And since you're gambling your drink is comped. You can go ahead and order what ever you want and it's on the house.

Just be sure to tip your cocktail waitress to ensure that she'll keep coming back around. A $1 tip is definitely worth a Jack and Coke.

If you do it right $20 can last you an entire afternoon of laughing and drinking with your friends in a casino. And who knows, one of you may even hit the jackpot!