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Full Review

Did the title of this article draw you in? Sorry. I actually do not have the lastest juicy gossip to detail but rather I am going to write a review of a slightly unusual, UK Television, Quiz Show.

Have I Got News For You

Have I Got News For You has been running on British TV since 1990. The format has remained much the same during this time, although the people involved have changed.

Originally the chairman, quiz master or host, each week was Angus Deayton. When Angus was involved in scandal his demise from this show was guaranteed. As details of the scandal were shown in the press fellow team captains highlighted all the sordid details. It took a few months but, ultimately, Angus was sacked. Had the show been on commercial TV the outcome may have been different. Since Angus left the show in 2002 there have been a string of guest presenters.

There are two panels made up of two people. Each panel as a regular team leader or captain. These are Ian Hislop, editor of Private Eye, and Paul Merton, comedian. The other member of each team may be a celebrity but often it is a comedian or politican. The show loves to encourage those personalites who we all love to hate to participate. These poor souls usually then end up as the butt of the joke.

London's current Lord Mayor, Boris Johnson, became more famous due to his appearances on Have I got News For You, than his political work. In fact this show probably helped him to be successful in his attempt to become the Lord Mayor of London.

Paul Merton took a break from this show for a few years, whilst Deayton was still in the chairman's seat. He was replaced with a string of people which is perhaps why, when Deayton was sacked, no permanent new chairman was sought. The current format seems to work and the variety of panellists and chairpersons has led to the show remaining fresh.

The show is filmed in a studio with a live audience. Various DVDs of Have I got News For You have been released. It runs on BBC1 but it is often repeated the next night on BBC2 with a little extra helping of the fun.

The set is fairly basic and looks extremely low budget. In fact if any equipment is used it is always a rather Heath Robinson piece of kit. Take for example, The Wheel of News. This looks like something a ten year old boy has made.

The show's producers try to add additional items and change things slightly, occasionally. I suppose though, it is because this show is about the News, why it stays so fresh.

The questions are derived from the week's News with an added twist. Of course the main purpose of the show is comedy.

Paul Merton's quick, often acerbic, wit is perfect for this show. Ian Hislop's public school accent and ironic humour is equally successful.

The teams play for points and at the end of each show one team is declared the winner. However, there are no prizes and really it is all simply a bit of fun.

In Closing

If you have never watched Have I got News For You, try and check it out. It is a seriously fuuny show, pun intended.

Re-runs of old shows are currently being aired on Dave, on digital televsion. Even though the News in the show is grossly out of date these shows are still funny.

However, to get the full benefit of the hunour in this show, check out the week's show when it is first aired.

The BBC usually make a couple of series of this successful show each year and long may this practice. continue.