Get Over It

Someone might say, "That is easy for you to say."  "You are not the one that was left at the altar.  Wipe those tears from your eyes.  People make mistakes.  No one is perfect.   If the person did not have the guts to let you know before you reached the altar that they didn’t want to marry you,  be thankful that you found out before marriage.   That person really did you a favor.  It left you free to receive the right person for you.   Will you feel pain?  Probably, because that affected your emotions and how you felt.  Can you eventually overcome this pain?  Yes, you can in time.   

Assess yourself

Take a good look and asses yourself now.  Know that it is not your fault.  Know that you still have good qualities?   Even though you might not feel that way now. Know that your worth is not based on getting married.   Just know you have good qualities  for someone who really deserves you.  Be thankful that you did not marry, because both of you possibly would have regretted it.  

The Gifts

What about the gifts  that you received at  the wedding?  Just return them and know that you will get more, bigger and better gifts in the future when you do marry.  


Don’t be stuck in this moment.   Avoid at all cost of becoming the victim.   You are victorious.  Change your way of thinking.  Remember this is your fiancé’s lost and someone else’s treasure.  If you become stuck in the “Why Me” mode, you make it difficult to move forward. 


Sure it would be nice if your fiancé had the decency to tell you why, but if it does not happen know that it is not your fault. 

I once knew an acquaintance that married a man after her twin sister stood him up at the altar.  To my knowledge her and her husband are still together today.  Her sister’s loss was her treasure.  She even stated her sister was mad at her for marrying him.   Apparently, her sister did not want him and did not want her  or anyone else to have him either.  Although it may feel like the end of the world, it is not.  Life can go on.  Look at this as a learning experience.   What did you learn from it?