Have you ever wanted to be a professional writer? There are many different types of writers. You have humor writers, tech writers, political bloggers, childrens book authors, InfoBarrel writers, and may other types. Regardless of your writing interests you can find an available outlet for your writings. Do you want to be a professional writer? What criteria do you have to meet in order to be considered a "professional writer"?

Professional Writers"Professional Writer" means different things to each writer. Some writers believe you have to have a book published by a mainstream book publisher in order to earn the title of professional writer. Some writers take the technical meaning and on order to be considered a professional writer you simply have to earn money off of your writings. Technically this would make anybody that writes for Adsense Revenue Share sites such as InfoBarrel professional writers.

Some writers of poetry are happy if they are able to get their work published on a popular website. Other writers of poet are striving to have their poems used as lyrics by a famous country singer.

If you use a vanity publishing company to subsidize the publishing of your first book does that make you a professional writer because you have a book published even though you personally had to pay for to be printed? What if you self publish your own book and then sell hundreds or even thousands of copies of the book out of the trunk of your car? What if you have written an E-book that sells a few hundred downloads? There are many ways to decide if a writer is professional.

Each author needs to consider only their own beliefs. If you believe you are a professional writer than you are. If you are a very successful writer but in your mind you do not see yourself as a professional writer yet then you are not a professional writer.

I have made some great money with Examiner writing articles that have got some world wide exposure. Do I consider myself a professional writer? Heck No! I am still striving for the day I will call myself a professional writer. My criteria for my self to be called a professional writer is the day I can quit my day job (Actually it's the swing shift) and sit at home writing full time. The day I make enough money consistently each month that writing is my main source of income and there is enough writing income that I can quit my job then I will call myself a professional writer.

Will the literature geniuses of the world consider me a professional writer for earning a few thousand each month on InfoBarrel and Examiner? Probably not but who cares. The day that I quit my real job so I can write full time at home then I will know that I am a professional writer.

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