Richard Simmons Sweatin to the Oldies "2"Credit: Betty Asphy

My Exercise Tape

 In the wintertime I occasionally go to the mall. When I walk at the mall,  I will see several others walking also.   What I really like during cold weather is to exercise to my workout tapes and online Zumba.  It feels so good doing this  in the comfort of my home.

I have 2 video tapes that I like and use regularly.  One is  Cosmopolitan Tonetics Workout.  It has many instances where you are stretching..  The other one is by Richard Simmons.  It is  “Sweatin To The Oldies “2”.   They are oldies, but goodies.  You will hear such tunes as  Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Respect, Rescue Me, and much more.    He plays the oldie songs and keeps me moving to get my  cardiovascular system revved up.   I rotate the tapes.  So I am doing one on one  day and another on another  day. 

Zumba  originally was an  accident by Colombia-born Alberto “Beto” Perez.  He forgot his usual music while teaching an aerobics class.  In place of his regular music he used a salsa and meringue music tape. Since then Zumba has evolved over the world.   I know that I definitely like it.  Instructors are in over 40 countries.

I have discovered 2  Zumba online workouts that I really enjoy.   They are very good and more upbeat music than the oldies. 

There is something about Zumba that seems to keep me motivated. You will need to find the best workout for you.   The Zumba classes  give me a 20- minute workout.  The name of the online zumba is  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Samba Funk Axe Merengue Reggaeton Sals.   I really like that one.  It really gives me a great cardio workout.  I can definitely feel the difference in my body after this workout.  The demonstrations that are given are  challenging, motivational, and awesome. I just feel good when I exercise.   I feel like a new person after doing Zumba.  When I see others on the tape doing Zumba, it is encouragement for me that I can do it.

I presently do not have a weight problem and I am not attempting to lose weight, but I am striving for physical  fitness.    I must admit I constantly work on my “muffin top” (stomach fat).   In fact, my body seems to burst with joy.    I am attempting to make it an everyday thing too.   If I don’t exercise I feel the difference in my body.  I am more sluggish.   That is just not a good feeling.  Have you ever felt like that?

I have had others tell me that  they need to exercise with others.  Well you can see many people on the tape and online exercising.   That is enough  motivational  for me.  What motivates you to exercise?[1953]