There is more to it than just having the surgery.  There are guidelines to qualify for gastric bypass surgery.   According to the Mayo Clinic your nutrition and weight history, medical condition, psychological status,  age, and preparing financially for gastric bypass surgery are certain factors to consider.  These are just some of the requirements.  

I do not believe that gastric bypass surgery is a medical cure-all.  An alternative comes with some amount of work and how much you want it. 

I know of two people who have had the surgery. Before the surgery, both people were at least 300 to 400 pounds or more.  The one person I know would take 20 different medicines and drink a liter of diet pop.  I would see that she would get out of breath after just taking a few steps.   I remember when she announced that she was getting the surgery and that she was getting counseling before the surgery.  She would share that she did not like being as heavy as she was.    Counseling is very beneficial before surgery, because lifestyle changes take work,  and support.  That support usually is family, friends, counselor, teacher, and pastor.   I knew that there would be great changes in her lifestyle after surgery.    I was very proud of her. 

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

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The other person had struggle with her weight also.  I often look at before pictures of her.  When you look at her now, you never would have known that she has a weight problem.  She has shared with me that she has done commercials for weight watchers.   She also has been a speaker at various groups.   That was motivational for her as well as others.   Just as Jennifer Hudson has done commercials and has been the spoke person for weight watchers to show her miraculous weight loss, this person has shown her miraculous weight loss.    Jennifer did not have  bypass surgery or any type of surgery, according to The Voice of Reason at  Her dedication to proper eating and exercising is motivational to others.  It did not happen over night.  It is a continual ongoing lifestyle change.


 The person that is eligible for bypass surgery will want to get pre-approval from their insurance.  In fact, any type of large medical procedure whether dental or health may okay pre-approval.  Then you will be for aware of the financial aspect in relations to your finances.


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According to Anahad O’Connor, gastric bypass can have a ripple effect on family. I could see this happening especially when families see the benefits of the weight loss.   I have observed some of the commercials of Jennifer Hudson.   Several of her family members are on the commercials showing that they joined Jennifer and started loosing weight also.  This does make sense that family and friends will see the benefits and become motivated.   They want the same for themselves.

I must admit, I have never had a weight challenge problem, but I have empathy for those that do.  I recall exercising with a group.  I was complaining that lifting my leg repeatedly was tiring.  A woman looked at me and replied, “You have nothing to complain about.  My leg makes about three of your little legs. “   She was telling the truth too.   Therefore, I stopped complaining.  

Although some may choose gastric bypass surgery, others may choose to exercise and eat healthier, the important thing is that you decide to lose the weight and change your lifestyle, and become a healthier person.  [3741][3742][3743]