The yuletide season is fast approaching and many people are waiting for it. In fact, one popular song considers it "the most wonderful time of the year". Indeed! However, people should not just celebrate and be merry. They should also make sure that they are safe from any kind of harm. You are probably thinking no such thing can possibly happen during Jesus' birth, but statistics show that thousands of accidents happen during the Christmas season.

The following are just some of the common causes of Christmas accidents:

  • Stairs – Because of hurried preparations, some people fall off the stairs. No matter how urgent the need is, never run up or down the stairs, unless you want to spend Christmas Eve on a wheelchair.
  • Christmas trees – The Christmas tree is a traditional symbol of the yuletide season. There should be two or more people to prepare the Christmas tree, especially if it is over six feet tall.
  • Gifts – Who doesn't love presents? They're considered the true essence of Christmas. But sometimes, small and unwrapped gifts may cause slip and trip accidents and even foot injuries.
  • Christmas lights – Putting up Christmas lights may be a tiresome task because they are normally placed on roofs, walls and windows. And because they are powered by electricity, people often get electrocuted when faulty wiring or short circuits occur.
  • Alcohol – After the party, people often hit the road even if they are drunk. Obviously, this causes accidents, resulting to injuries and expenses.
  • Food poisoning – Christmas cannot be complete for a family without food. However, the cook should make sure every dish is cooked properly, especially meat products.

People who suffer injuries because of these factors often end up in the hospital, paying bills instead of enjoying Christmas in their homes. If you do not want to have a terrible Christmas, you should become aware of the things and issues discussed above. Be sure to take precautionary measures in handling electrical devices, flammable materials and pointed objects.

Discipline is also factor that may enable you to avoid accidents. Just contact an Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to find out more about accident-causing materials and activities. You don't need to have plenty of food or lots of gifts for you to have a pleasant and enjoyable Christmas. Just a healthy and accident-free celebration is enough to thank Him for another wonderful and blessed year for you and your family.