Christmas Arts and Crafts ShowCredit: morguefile.comA Do It Yourself Christmas Craft Show, is a great way to get a craft business started, as well as create wonderful gifts for family and friends.

If you have been putting off starting a craft business, simply because you just didn't know where and how to get started, then Christmas is the perfect time.

It can be expensive to jump into the Christmas craft show circuit and you may feel rushed and not ready. Why not create the perfect craft show in your own home?

Christmas Arts and Crafts - Have lots of Product

My friend and I have done this for quite a few years. It takes some work, but you can have a very successful craft show, and also it is the perfect time to launch your craft business. So if this is something you have been considering, then just keep these points in mind.Christmas Arts and CraftsCredit:

Make sure you have a lot of product, and if you don 't feel you have enough product, or you have just started out, then ask a craft buddy, who creates totally different products from you, to join you. She could bake cookies for sale, or make quilts, just something different from yours. This way there is no competition, but you also have lots of choices for your shoppers!

Make sure and get the word out fast, start with family and friends, they are your best supporters and will put the word out. Try the local papers as well, and let co-workers know.

Christmas Craft Show at Your House

On the day, make sure to have a sign outside, with some balloons to make your house obvious. Make sure your driveway is clear for some parking, and post the hours of the Christmas craft show. This is very important, when getting the word out, that everyone realizes the time of your show. You don't want people showing up at 7 am and you don't want them showing up when you are in your jammies!

Set a Time for your Craft Show

Between 1 and 4 pm is a really good time for a Christmas Craft Show at your house. Make sure to put away any valuables and clear your house (or area of your sale, such as the living room/dining room) of knick knacks, dust, and make sure you vacuum and clean the bathroom. The bathroom is also a great place to display items. You want everything that is on display to be for sale. Make sure you have plenty of good lighting to show off your goods. A friend of mine did well with homemade soaps, she had a sample in the bathroom for use! She had a card describing her products and the price on the vanity.

Dress your living room or kitchen, or where ever you have decided to hold your craft show. If you create beautiful tree ornaments for your craft, then put up a Christmas tree and have the ornaments hanging, with a price tag and information that can be seen right away. If you paint, display your paintings and frames on the couch, or wall, or easels. Use the couches for display (you don't want people sitting everywhere, you want them to shop!)

Use your dining room table as a display as well, and play some nice Christmas music and most importantly offer apple cider and goodies in the kitchen. The apple cider does well slowly simmering in a crock pot, and makes for a beautiful smelling house. Welcome everyone with a smile.

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Make sure you have closed all doors to areas you don't want visitors, put away your pets for the afternoon, and make sure you have a cash box, in a secure place for change etc.

I personally have found, that your potential customers are usually family who have brought friends, and neighbors who are curious. These make great customers.

If this is your first show, make sure you do your homework, and have business cards, or order forms, and price tags on all your work. A photo album is also a great idea to show off any work you have created and already sold. This gives your potential customer an idea of your talents. You can also have a online newsletter sign up form by the cash, where you can let your new customers or potential customers know about anything new coming up in your craft business via email.

Your crafts do not have to be Christmas oriented, as people are also looking for gifts, not necessarily decorations. I found at many Christmas craft shows, that there were loads of Christmas decorations, beautiful, yes, but what I was looking for, was unique gifts. Keep this is mind when you organize your products for your show. You can decorate your house for Christmas, but it is also nice to display unique gift items.

If you do have friends involved in the show, make sure they have an area of the room setup for their products. This is actually a good way to find more customers, as they invite friends and neighbors as well.

Once you get known, at your very first Christmas Craft Show, then your business should grow with word of mouth. But this is a great way to start that home craft business.

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