Prince Harry had one heck of a party in LV and now you can get a Prince Harry Las Vegas party. You might not be royalty but there is still a lot of ways you can party in Las Vegas like the British Royalty partier did. Here are some tips if you want to her a Prince Harry LV party.


In order to Party like Prince Harry you need to have some girls. No scratch that…you need a whole bunch of girls. You need a truck full of girls. You need tons of girls. If you are young, rich, and handsome like my boy Harry then you do not need to worry about the girls. If you are older, uglier, non famous, and or poor then you have some potential problems. Fortunately you are in Vegas where the girls are easy to get to hang out with you.

If you have money to spend then you can buy some Las Vegas call girls to come and hangout with you. The amount of money you spend depends on how classy the girls are. To truly have a good time and have a Prince Harry LV party you should not spend money on girls. There are many fabulous women you can meet who would be willing to come and hang out at your party as long as you are not creepy.

In Vegas you can meet girls who are locals as well as girls visiting from all over the World. Las Vegas is truly an amazing place that attracted visitors from all over the World. In LV you can meet Asian Women, Russian Girls, and many other ethnicities. Las Vegas is an awesome town for meeting Women.


If you are going to have a royal Harry Vegas party then you need to have an entourage. Get a group of friends together who you like and trust and you all will have one heck of a time in LV. When assembling your entourage make sure you bring a couple of friends who are girls because it will make it easier to get other girls to come party with you Prince Harry style if you already have a couple of young and attractive girls with you.

Get in Shape

You definitely do not have to be a muscular hunk to have a royal Harry Las Vegas party but it sure helps to get the girls. If you are in shape and attractive it can make it easier to meet women and also you will not be as embarrassed when pictures of you running nude around the party are released on the Internet.


Harry chose the Wynn Hotel and Casino and the Encore for his Vegas party but you can use almost any Hotel Casino you want. If you want a truly memorable Prince Harry LV party then choose to stay in a Downtown Vegas Casino. Down on Fremont Street there is more casinos closer to each other than the Strip properties.

Forget the Air Guitar

You may think you look cool when you are drunk and playing air guitar but you don’t. You may think it is acceptable to play the air guitar when you have a royal Harry Las Vegas party because Harry was drunk, naked, and playing the air guitar; however, you should not play the air guitar because you will look stupid and chase the women away. Unless you are Prince Harry or Gene Simmons then you should avoid the air guitar when you party in LV.

Royal Jewels

While it may be OK for royal Harry to show off his Royal Jewels to the World it is probably not appropriate for you to do it. Imagine if Prince Harry was actually just a homeless guy that was dirty and unshaven. What do you think would be people reactions when he was slapping his naked clothless body upon windows? He would have been arrested and the people there would have thought he was a freak. You are not Royalty so you do not have Royal Jewels. Keep you jewels zipped up when you have a Prince Harry Vegas party.