In the nice weather having yard sales may be something that people are interested in doing to make a little bit of extra money. Advertising for a garage sale in the paper is one idea that may work to bring in customers, but it advertising in the newspaper costs anywhere from seven dollars to twenty-five dollars to do so, depending on your local community newspaper. Garage sales are about making extra money and not making a fortune, so unless you plan to hold the world's longest yard sale spending that much money to put an ad in the paper for your garage sale may not be the most economical thing to do.

Things You Will Need



Step 1

Yard sale

To get started having a successful yard sale without paying to advertise you are going to want to first, check the local newspaper to see if anyone in your neighborhood, preferably on your street, is paying to advertise a garage sale or a yard sale. Make sure you check the start and stop times of their sale to ensure that you are set up during those times.

Step 2

Grab some markers and a couple of old cardboard boxes. You are about to make a ton of yard sale signs. After you have found someone else's garage sale being advertised all you have to do is make signs so you can point the garage sale traffic in your direction. Make signs that say you are having a garage sale, a yard sale or a porch sale include your address on the sign. Also make a few extra signs that just have arrows that direct people to your yard sale. Make sure you have larger lettering on your yard sale sign. While making your garage sale signs, keep in mind that bigger is better, bolder is better, for you want people that are driving around to be able to see your signs. Use all the same colors of marker(s) to make your sign, so that it is clear that you are only advertising one sale incase the traffic passes several yard sales on the way to your sale they are sure that there is another garage sale just up the road.

Step 3

Hang the garage sale signs up all over the place, especially near the other yard sale, garage sale and porch sale signs. Put the arrows you made on cardboard to point in the direction of your yard sale. You can have a very successful garage sale with out having to spend a dime advertising. If it is possible you will want to hand signs as close to the location of the other yard sale as possible, this will indicate to the public that there is another place that they can get a bargain just down the street.

Most of the time your garage sale or yard sale traffic will stop when the advertised yard sale stops. The reason for this is, well they advertised and you didn't. However if all of your signs are strategically placed you should get plenty of yard sale traffic, make lots of money and not have had to pay to advertise your garage.

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