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Weddings can be expensive. Too expensive. The problem is that young people don't have a lot of money. They can't afford an elaborate ceremony. Luckily, the time seems to be coming when expensive affairs are going out of style.

To celebrate the union of two people, there are certain legal requirements. A civic license is necessary. Witnesses must attest to the union. Family often needs to consent, at least morally. Generally, these are not expensive undertakings.

What adds up are the other trappings associated with the Event Day. A hall rental can cost hundreds. Rental of tables and chairs can cost hundreds as well. Food and drinks can be as much as everything else put together, or more. These costs are high for newly married couples, or even for their families.

Go For Unique!
Rather than the traditional, expensive wedding, more and more couples are opting for a unique experience. They are joining in matrimony, legally, and having the celebration. They are just doing it like none have done before. Consider the value of a unique experience. It can be held outside. A great family party can be organized. Literally anything can be contemplated. With adaptations, anyone's experiences can be made unique.

Outside Ceremony
Consider the visual impact that an outside venue offers. Family and friends can gather together at an intimate setting. Many parks can accommodate such an event. Many are completely free for such purposes. Alternatively, perhaps a family member has a large property with unique features. Depending on the time of year, you can risk the weather and go for it, or you can prepare a little. Getting an exhibition tent is a lot cheaper than renting an entire venue hall.

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The actual service is usually a fairly quick happening. Vows are exchanged, legalities are addressed, the process is officially recorded. Then the main event can occur, the celebrations. This is another area that can be very expensive, traditionally. Again, it doesn't have to be. Consider the size of the party. Smaller is usually cheaper. Venues can then be cheaper, more intimate, or even free. Some people hold the reception at a family member's property. Others have a wilderness camping weekend. Local restaurants may permit a party for the cost of food and drink when you book with them.

Get Out of Town
Many couples opt for a destination event. They plan to wed in a vacation spot. Mexico, Thailand, Las Vegas, and other notable locations, are often chosen. While such plans may seem expensive, they can actually be quite thrifty, sometimes. Some, however, can add quite a lot of complexity to the process. It may seem like a unique fairytale experience to be married in a foreign vacation spot, but this could present a lot of difficulties.

Las Vegas Destination
Getting wed in Las Vegas is usually the best option for those looking to get away for their event. Legalities are at a minimum with this option. Language and governance is not nearly as difficult as they could be for certain foreign countries. A Nevada wedding is recognized everywhere. Documentation is clear, and legal. Many services have been established in Las Vegas to cater to the Big Day so this is the easiest destination to choose. Airfare is usually quite affordable, and easy to arrange from virtually anywhere. There are big advantages to choosing Las Vegas as the nuptial location.

Foreign Destinations
While it may seem very romantic to be married on a beautiful beach in Mexico or Thailand, the amount of advance planning can be excessive. Dealing with officials abroad can be time consuming. If you go there first and then arrange the event, you may run into a problem, perhaps a missing document. Many have noted that they would rather have married at home and then immediately traveled to the destination in order to save money, time and aggravation.

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Your Life Together

While everyone can marvel at the marriage of Prince Charles and Diana, or Prince William and Kate, these are basically unobtainable. The pageantry is extremely expensive. These are the ceremonies of legend. While it might be nice to have an event like this for yourself, it can't be done. It can hardly even be a pattern. Economic woe awaits for those who try.

Unfortunately, even far simpler affairs can be financially devastating for new couples. There are so many expenses to cover for traditional events that can break budgets. Flowers, food, drinks, venue, tables, chairs, and on and on. These costs add up quickly. What about ice sculptures? Lots of couples have had these features. Cost. What about a photographer, video cameraman, DJ? More costs.

With matrimony, everything has a cost. Even time is a cost. There are planners available for the biggest events. With everything trying to take more money, you need to be extremely careful. Planning is key. Minimalist thinking can save money. Setting up a unique event can save money.

Remember that the purpose is to celebrate the life together for two people. The purpose is not to make the biggest impact on the social section of the newspaper, Facebook, or Twitter. To celebrate, the Day requires the gathering of people to recognize the couple joining together.

Too many times, couples start off by spending far too much money on their nuptials. Even if parents and families pay, it might be a bad idea to drop so much. In most cases, the money would be far better spent on the necessities of the new life together. Children will come in time, and they are expensive. The couple may need new items. Vacations would be nice. With so much spent on one day, there is little room in a family to cover any future expenses. Most families, anyway.

We all would like that fairytale ending that we see when royalty marries. The pageantry is amazing, to be sure. For most, however, it is a fairytale that should be unobtainable. Aim much lower, spend far less, and have a great time. Start the new life together with the basics and concentrate on the future.