Getting things done while down with flu

1) Get priorities right, with more stringent combing of your list of things to do. Chuck away those stuff that are not urgent, or can be done by someone else. If it can be done by someone else, go give it to them already. If you think they won't do that spectacular a job, don't worry, ask yourself if the job requires that high standards. If it doesn't, "outsource" it away. You can also pull in some help, people are by nature friendly, and they'll always be glad to give you a helping hand if you're in a bit of a tight spot.

2) Try to work from home. Depending on your type of work or even study, different portions of white collar work can be done at home, provided it is not too strenuous. This lightens the workload should you return back to work a few days later, at the very least it keeps you busy and also acts to prevent you from thinking too much. Your company will probably be glad not to have you around while you have flu or an infection anyway, spreading infections would naturally affect productivity. They would be delighted that you'll still continue with responsibilities while you're sick.

3) Rotate things around your catnap schedule. Sleeping is one of the vital ways you can recuperate, returning back to a healthy state quickly. If you have drowsy medicine, keep that in mind as you'll need to plan scheduled "rest stops" in your day, just like an F1 racer! On the plus side, sleep (even a short catnap) also rejuvenates and clears your mind, and helps you solve problems you've been mulling over.

4) If you can't negotiate working from home, then try wearing a mask before you go. Masks are pretty easy to come by these days due to the swine flu/h1n1 scares. You can get them through your local pharmacy, or order them online. This helps to prevent spreading of the germs to other people, as well as make them more comfortable with your presence. Keep tissues handy at your side for use. If possible, bring a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated through the day.

n) Get well as fast as possible, you can use tips for sinus allergy relief here(it works for some symptoms of flu). Of them the most important would be to have adequate rest, keep away from antagonizing factors, and listen to your doctor/family practitioner