We have to make money to live

If you are like me, you have to make money to sustain your way of life.  Simply put, our daily lives revolve around the earning and spending of money.  What we eat, where we go, what we drive, where we live, and countless other things are rooted in how much money we have.  For the average person life can be described as a balancing act of time spent making good money and time spent enjoying the fruits of our labor with family and friends.  If you spend too much time focusing on making good money you miss out on life but not enough attention given to the creation of income will end up negatively affecting your quality of life.

Since we have to make money most everyone I know would like to make it exclusively from home but sadly this is not a goal most will reach.  We can however find things to do to make money from home using the internet and over time it has the possibility of becoming an extremely lucrative venture.  It all depends on the amount of time and effort put into it.  Whether you are looking to make a little extra income each month or if you are on the first steps to replacing ;your day job you have to start somewhere.  The list below is designed to give you a starting point to get your feet wet in the ever growing world of online income.  With these you can make good money each month if you apply yourself and all are 100% free to use.


Microworkers is a great way to earn extra money.  If you have to make money Microworkers is for you.  It connects people who need something done (Employers) with people who have to make money (Workers).  These "things that need to be done" are called "micro jobs".

Workers get paid when their Employer rates the task submitted as "satisfied".  When a Worker logs into their account, they can check the status of various tasks they have submitted.  If a task is marked "not satisfied" by the Employer, you (the Microworker) will not get paid.  If the task is marked "satisfied" you will get paid. 

So what kind of tasks?

+Digging, Buzzing, Stumbling, articles

+Sign up to FREE sites

+Facebook likes and Tweets

+Commenting on posts

+Writing reviews

+Linking sites and much more

How much do they pay?  $0.10 to $7.00 per task completed.  The more complex the job is the more you will get paid.  Most tasks can be completed in 3 minutes or less.  The cash out limit is set at $9.00 which is easy to reach.  Microworkers also gives a $1.00 Sign up bonus making it even easier!  Payments are made in 10-15 working days via AlertPay, Skrills (Moneybookers), or Check.


InBox Dollars offers quite a few interesting ways of making money.  This is not a get rich quick method of making money by any stretch of the imagination but it is possible to add to the stream of income coming in every month with very little effort.  If you have to make money then every little bit helps and adds up quickly. 

InBox Dollars has a higher cash out limit set at $30.00 but some of their offers pay really well so it isn't difficult to reach.  They give you a $5.00 Sign up bonus and have an affiliate referral program you can take advantage of to boost your earnings as well.  If you don't focus on one thing and take advantage of all that InBox Dollars offers it will end up being a small contribution to your revenue stream.

So what do they offer?

+Paid emails


+Sign up offers (Netflix, Free Product Samples, Quotes, Etc...)

+Coupons (they pay you to use them and you save at the store!)

+Watch videos and much more

So how much can I make?  Like I said earlier, some of the offers pay really well and if they are something you are considering anyway then you may as well take advantage of the affiliate kick back.  These offers can range from $5.00 to $15.00 or more depending on what it is for.  The surveys are a decent way to build up money in your account.  I usually qualify to take 25% of the ones offered.  The coupons are awesome because you get to save money at the store and once the coupon is cleared your InBox Dollars account get credited $0.10 for each coupon as well.   The paid emails are simple and consistent.  I get on average two a day, save them up for a week, and then do them all at once.  This takes about 3 minutes and earns about $0.50.  


InfoBarrel is another great place to add to your list if you have to make money.  InfoBarrel is an article submission site or crowd sourcing.  You write articles on just about any subject you want and submit them for review.  Once approved they generally get good traffic due to the page rank InfoBarrel receives from Google.  Furthermore, how much you make here is totally up to you and the amount of time and creativity you bring to your content.  With the internet at your disposal researching subjects you find interesting and writing about them can be fun, educational, and extremely profitable.  

You can utilize Google Adsense, Amazon's Affiliate Program, Double Click, and many other advertisers to monetize your content.  All of the programs I mentioned are free to use and always pay out as expected.  If you want to really get your earning up take some time and learn about Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Research.  This will help you bring your articles to the first page of search engines which is what online advertising is all about.  The opportunity to make some serious cash is here for the taking.



If you have to make money and you want to do it online start small and do not pay for anything.  Learn as you go, read a lot about the business, and keep building up your revenue streams.  With a little time and patience you can supplement your income nicely and make good money or maybe even make a job of it.