Have you ever been Abducted?(130837)
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Signs you have been abducted by aliens!

There are many storied about aliens, movies and TV have proliferated them all over the place. There are news stories, books and even a town dedicated to the Roswell crash site. Thousands of people believe there are extra terrestrial beings and actually believe that not only have we been visited in our past, but continue to be visited to this very day. A lot of them believe that they have been abducted as well, are you one of them? Are you having strange dreams, missing time and uncountable wounds on you body? Do you experience and type of continual dreams about aliens and are drawn toward the subject? Then you may have been abducted by extra terrestrial beings and become a contact-e; someone who has been in direct contact with extra terrestrial beings.

  • Physical signs: Scratches, scars, and triangular or circular marks that do not leave a scar yet cannot be explained. There is no scab and no blood and some people will find “scoop” marks on their bodies as if someone had actually scooped something out. There could be a triangular burn mark on your skin when healed leaves a triangular mark on the skin. The marks are usually found after one wakes up in the morning and you are left wondering; where did these come from? More importantly, why are they there? A skin sample perhaps?

  • Mental signs: Are you having constant dreams about aliens and find yourself drawn toward the subject? Do you find that you now have empathic or telepathic abilities?. Many em-paths will tell you that they are an abduct-e, if your lucky enough to know any. Many of the “gifts” you receive from the aliens are mental in nature and involve, precognition(knowing before it happens), or mind reading (knowing what someone else is thinking). Have you noticed anything like this? If you answer yes to these questions then odds are you're a contact-e.

  • Missing or Gaining time: This is by far the most commonly reported occurrence when it comes to extra terrestrial contact. You actually “loose time” as it were, and when you realize what time it is and find yourself ahead by a few hours but have no idea where you were. You may also gain time, working on your car for a couple of hours only to find only a few minutes have passed. This is very difficult to explain writing, however if you experience this you will know it.

  • Black helicopters: Do you see black helicopters or white sport utility vehicles with tinted windows everywhere you go? This is a good indicator that you have been involved in a military abduction. This seems to be a very common occurrence for the military to conduct experiments on the general population by “abducting them” and then returning them days later with little or no direct recollection of the event taking place. You may be an unwilling participant in hybrid experiments.

  • Flashbacks: Do you have flashbacks of being on a surgical table being examined in a very intrusive and painful way? How about flashbacks of what the extra terrestrial beings looked like or their children looked like? Do the flashbacks include what you know to be your baby, even though you have never had children? These are very powerful indicators that you have been abducted and are now a contact-e. With children involved in the flashback, it is another sign that you are a participant in a hybridization program.

      Many of these signs occurring in your life would indicate that you have been abducted by extra terrestrial beings. Check your local area to see if there are any support groups for people who have had alien contact. You can also search the internet or your local library to find out more information about your situation. Just remember you are NOT ALONE and you are NOT CRAZY, there is a good chance you are experiencing symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder after being taken. Thousands of people have seen UFO's and there is plenty of support out there for you if you want to find it. So reach out!


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