Just when you think you are having a bad day it gets worse!

Have you ever had a day like this?

We had the whole family in the car, myself, my husband and his father. His father was driving as we went over to his sister's house for an evening of coffee, nice conversation and table games. A nice extended family get together that we do every other Saturday evening.
Dad noticed that he was getting low on gas but, was not worried, figuring that we would just gas up the car on our way home from his Sister's house later that evening.
We enjoyed the family time and prepared to go home, said our goodbyes and got into the car.
On our way home we passed a couple of gas stations but did not stop in because the prices were a bit more than we wanted to pay and we knew that a discount station was just a little further down the street.

We finally get to the gas station and maneuver into the left turn lane that goes directly into the station only to have the light turn Red! Now, while we are sitting there the car begins to sputter and we begin to worry that we are going to run out of gas right in front of the gas station. Mind you both my father in law and I are mobility impaired, this means that we have trouble walking, my husband has a bad back and I am beginning to think that we may not make it to the gas station and wow, aren't we going to be a sight, if it comes to pushing the car!

Then it happens, the light turns green and we start our turn only to run out of GAS! Ok, were stuck now, somehow we have to push the car through the intersection and up the little hill to get into the gas station. We finally push the car into a spot next to the gas pump only to run into the next problem….


Now I am thinking, you've got to be kidding! Here we are in a car that ran out of gas, in a gas station that ran out of gas! So, I am starting to think that this is beginning to sound like a bad dream…

But it gets WORSE!

So here we are in this gas station with no gas and we have no gas to go someplace else so what do you do? Call Auto Club, yes the good ole AAA. Now think about this a minute, have you ever tried to convince a telephone dispatcher,that you need a tow truck to bring gas to a car that has run out of gas in a gas station with no gas to sell??? Uh um, just does not happen! She argued with us for quite a while because she just couldn't understand why, if we were already at a gas station, couldn't we just gas up and leave? Finally we were able to convince her to send a tow truck with gas to save us from this predicament! Or so we thought…

After an hour or so the tow truck finally arrives but… You guessed it… with No GAS! He didn't believe it either and thought that the dispatcher did not understand what we were saying and that something must be wrong with the car instead!

Let's review… So now, here we are, in a car that has run out of gas, at a gas station with no gas and a tow truck driver who was supposed to bring us gas, but he also has NO GAS! This would be pretty funny if it were not a true story!

So, the tow truck driver leaves us to go get gas and he is gone for nearly 2 hours… Why?

He ran out of gas while trying to find a gas station that had gas!

It seems that, all the local gas stations were waiting for the same gas truck that got a flat tire somewhere on the freeway and more than one station had run out of gas in the local area!

Finally, after all that, the fuel truck showed up at the gas station that we were stranded at and we were able to fuel up and cancel the fuel delivery from that AAA tow truck.

We then were able to make it home without any further problems… about 4 hours after we left my Aunt's house!