A quick view through Barcelona's best museums

First of all let me tell you that I have been living in this beautiful city for 2 years now and I’m still in love with it. Barcelona is placed in the north-west part of Spain, near France and it is in contact with the Meditarranean sea.

Now, whether your are an active person and you preffer to spend the holiday by taking walks, visiting museums, parks, etc. or you preffer to spend the days relaxing at the beach and give it your all partying during the night, this is the place for you. You can have the best of both in this city.

 But here in this article I would like to focuss on the most cultural part of the city, aiming to museums. There are some other great places to visit such as parks, streets, cathedrals, etc. But regarding museums, Barcelona has some of the best,fun and interactive. Plus the prices are not that high and if you are a student or a retired person and you can proove it, you’ll normally have a discount or sometimes you'll get in for free.

 Museums list:

-          MACBA /The museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona - Here you can find art pieces from the second part of the 20th century and sometimes there are temporary exhibitions of a certain paintor or sculptor. http://www.macba.cat/es/inicio

-          The Science museum of Barcelona – This is a very interactive museum where one can learn and even play with little experiments depending on the type of exhibition there is. This makes it a very fun place to visit. http://obrasocial.lacaixa.es/nuestroscentros/cosmocaixabarcelona/elmuseo_ca.html

-          The Catalan History museum of Barcelona – now I am sure very few actually know this fact, but Barcelona is placed in Catalunya. Before, an independent region, nowadays part of Spain, but Catalans have managed to keep their culture and language alive. In Barcelona people actually speak two languages: Catalan and Spanish. If this sound interesting and you want to know more about the matter this is a great place to go. http://www.mhcat.net/ 

-          The Maritime Museum this institution foccuses on preserving the history of the maritime culture and it has one of the most important collections of maritime patrimony of the Mediterranean Sea. Plus the structure is one of the most important and well preserved Gothic buildings in the world. http://www.mmb.cat/informacio_general.php?idm=1&pagina=1&estic=0

-          MNAC/ The National Art museum of Catalonia – This is one of my favourites. Here you can observe and enjoy many different kinds of art from: sculpture, paintings, drawings to art objects, photography, etc. It has creations from different ages going from Romanic art to the 19th Century. Plus there are pieces of world-wide famous artists such as: El Greco, Velázquez, Rubens…   http://www.mnac.cat/sobremnac/sob_que_el_mnac.jsp?lan=001

-          Picasso’s Museum – placed in the Gothic neighborhood. It is a vital place to see the evolution of this paintor’s talent from its youngest creations to its greatest masterpieces, plus here it is also explained the artist’s relation to Barcelona city. http://w3.bcn.es/V66/Home/V66XMLHomeLinkPl/0,4589,417470534_417617303,00.html

-          And just for fun you have: The Wax Museum – placed in a neoclassical style building where you can pass through scenes full of surprises and where you’ll be amazed by the talent of the sculptors and the by the wax sculptures’ realism. http://www.museocerabcn.com/en/museu.html

 These are just some of the few there are out there, if you have a walk throughout the city you’ll find other great places and corners full of surprises for you to discover. So please, give yourself this wonderful gift and at least once in your life come and pay us a visit in Barcelona.