What would happen if you took an average Joe that didn't have any right to be a spy, and made him one anyway? Well then you would have BBC latest show simply titled spy. If you ever watched BBC's show “whites”, which took place in the kitchen of a struggling head chef and his oddball crew trying to earn prestige and fame, then you would recognize the lead Darren Boyd. He is a dad who is down on his luck, and trying to make a better life for himself and his family. One day he accidentally applies to be a spy. Unfortunately for him, and the agency he applies for he scores a perfect score on the aptitude test. By the time he and the agency realize their mistakes he already knows to much. At this point, the agency can either kill him or make him a spy. He catches a break and becomes a spy. He is sworn to secrecy, and given strict warning not to tell anyone about becoming a spy. So what does our hero Tim the bumbling idiot do? He tells his best friend all about it.

So far the stories unfold with Tim having to try to make sense of what to do for each mission, and learning all the while how completely under qualified he is. He has to tolerate the fact that his ex-wife and child think he is nothing special, and must maintain his secret identity. However, as Tim progresses through his training he understands just how special he really is. He even uses some training to teach his family a lesson or to without them knowing he was the one teaching them. Overall, the show is charming and funny. I enjoy how real the characters are, and that is due in no small part to the great acting skills of Darren Boyd and his cast. Hopefully, the show Spy won't suffer the fate of too many good shows, and be canceled early on.