We would all agree that vacuuming your carpet or rug is not one of the sexiest of chores done around the home. You cannot go on living a less than healthy lifestyle and should always have pride in cleanliness. But dealing with those traditional vacuum cleaner bags is a nightmare and expensive too. This article will reveal an alternative to the pain involved while accomplishing the common chore of vacuuming the floor.

In the early days of the suction machine, the vacuum bag was the primary accessory on the machine. Moreover, this is where the dust and collected coins are retained during the remainder of your vacuuming.  If you don’t keep yourself aware when handling vacuum bags potential disaster could ensue during changing them or not fitting them on properly.

The most striking feature of using the vacuum bag is wrestling it in position precisely! For the vacuum to do its job, the opening of the bag needs to be fed over a small feed tube and secured with some spring type of a clip. Your attempt to accomplish this in a three inch space for the bag and your hands to maneuver can be more of a sweat filled chore than the actual running of the vacuum. Failing to get it in place as intended could end in a calamity of carpet dust clouds and more dirt on the carpet you just spent hours cleaning.

If the vacuum bag is not locked down it could protrude off while running the vacuum, sending a mist of dust lingering in the area. And if the feed tube opening that leads into the bag is blocked you could run the risk of sacrificing the suction force of the machine. Does this all sound too difficult to deal with? Not to mention that the bags pile up in a flash and require replacement frequently.  That sounds to me like additional money that has to be spent doing something that is clearly not fun.

While taking a quick search for pricing on vacuum cleaner bags the prices seem to range from $1.60 up to over $8.00 for one bag. And most places only carry them in quantities of ten. So how do you get out of the vacuum cleaner bag business?

The most reasonable and obvious thought is to go bag-less. Newer vacuum cleaners offer an engineering that gives the most outstanding sucking power and does not involve a bag to capture the junk at all. Just about everyone has witnessed The Dyson and Shark Navigator Vacuum Review their vacs on television and introduce their style of cyclone vacuuming that uses a dirt cup to capture the mess rather than a messy and awkward bag.

If you still have one of these machines that require a bag, chances are it is an older one that needs replacement anyway. When you do decide to buy a newer one look into the advancements made with the bag-less vacuums and go ahead and get rid of those vacuum cleaner bags once and for all.

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