Salman Khan has pioneered a new educational tool with his Khans Academy.

Simple instructional videos via YouTube that can help you learn simple math to complex calculus and much more.



KhanAcademy.orgCredit: www.khanacademy.orgOnline learning is taking the Internet by storm. More and more educational institutions are putting their knowledge online. From schools like MIT to individuals such as Salman Khan a Bangladeshi American educator who graduated from MIT. The Internet has and is becoming a base to share knowledge to the world. And I'm not talking about the latest shopping deals or the newest reviews of movies, but a place where authoritative organizations are sharing their knowledge. Places that would cost an arm and leg to attend. Now you can obtain this information from the comfort of your own home wearing nothing but nothing drinking your morning coffee. To be sure you will not attain your doctorate but certainly you can refresh you knowledge base on things long forgotten, or just learn new stuff.



To continue with Salman’s history: he was working in finance as an hedge fund analyst, I am sure making serious money, when he began tutoring a relative in mathematics using the then Yahoo!’s Doodle Notepad. When more relatives and friends asked for similar help, Salman Khan posted his mathematical doodles on YouTube.



Popularity ensued and Khan quit his job in 2009, to devote his entire attention to what he called Khan Academy. Khan’s Academy is a non-profit organization, funded by donations from the likes of Bill Gates and Google. Prior to 2010, Khans Academy funded itself via advertising on its website. Google then donated $2 million to Salman. He was to create more courses and translate the core courses into the most widely spoken languages. Khans Academy dropped its advertising from the website.



I have been on this website numerous MIT Open CoursesCredit: At 33 years old, I am fascinated with the style of teaching. This is not only for the adolescents who are not behaving or listening in class. This is a revolutionary way of the new class room. Comprehensible, in a simple format, and available to you at your own time absolutely for free. Knowledge and education should be free and accessible to all who desire it. All you need is a computer, access to the web and the desire to learn. More and more sites like these are being made available to the general public. Like I mentioned earlier MIT has a whole slew of courses. The Internet has become the new Encyclopedia of knowledge, presenting the facts and theories in a fun and user-friendly format.




To go back to Khans Academy his lessons are short; between ten and fifteen minutes, depending on complexity. And since Google put its pocket book behind the Academy, the courses offered are quite extensive. Consider this for a moment, the time you spend in front of the TV watching the latest shenanigans of the highly sophisticated Jersey Shore bunch you could be learning the wonders of engineering, math, and science. How better to impress your friends at work during your coffee break when you babble about random intricacies of the universe.


2,600 educational videos for your learning pleasure are available to you alone on the Khans Academy website. Numerous lectures from renowned professors from MIT are there for you at the touch of a button. This is a gold mine ready for the plucking for anyone interested to beef up his or her general knowledge base.


Selection of coursesCredit:

For example you can start out in simple arithmetic, and work your way up to Calculus and Physics. There are prep lessons for the SAT. Khans Academy teaches one about banking and economics. Definitely something to look into if you are interested in investing and want to fully understand the monetary system.


Art History, Cosmology and Astronomy, as well as Biology and Chemistry anything the heart desires is there.


Science is the new magic of the world. We can all become novice apprentices or experts, learning about the mysteries of the Universe.


And with this new teaching tool, the building blocks of knowledge are so much easier to place in a strong everlasting foundation.


Enough of me talking about online education. Go see for yourself and shed the blankets of ignorance.











An example of a Khans Acadmey Lesson

Sit back and lern about the Beauty of Algebra