Perhaps the better question to ask is, "can you see it?" This stuff has really improved light years from the old basic green and brown patched stuff the Army created, which was IT for 50 or 60 years! I was talking to a friend at work who is avid deer hunter, and he was showing me some of his gear ( he was going out to hunt after work - NOT at work!! ). I was truly amazed. In the picture attached here - you can hardly make out the hunter. I'm guessing the deer would have a similar problem. Although maybe the same be true for other hunters!! I hope not.

Real Tree Camo Gear

I have to wonder if the bright orange gear ever fools a forest animal? While I totally get it for protecting Hunter A from Hunter B ( or Vice President Cheney ), seems like the old deer could pick that out pretty quick and skeedaddle the heck outa there! But I digress.

The graphics and artwork of this camoflage gear today is just incredible. It's not surprising to me when I think about how much stuff is out there with cartoon characters, race cars, sports teams, and other logo images. I guess it seems pretty logical that this could be done for hunting too. It's funny looking around at some camo sites that you can also buy camo license plates, seat covers, floor mats, and more. Now exactly how does that fit in to fooling Mr or Mrs Deer? Will he or she REALLY come right up to the old Jeepster and hang out around the Camo spare tire cover?

I can only suppose that the next great step in this development will be camo fishing gear, that will have images of big fish swimming on them, to attract Mr Bass right on up out of the water and into the boat. Probably do away with fishing poles and nets then. Ha.

Seriously, I think what they have created here for camo gear is pretty amazing. It's nice to see what we can create when we put out minds to it. Now if we could just get that creative when it comes to building roads that hold up!