People strive for success as the very word quickens images of money and fame to our minds. Having a fear of success would seem odd and strange because success is what we aim for in life, yet a lot of people struggle with this big fear. What is this about and how can it be overcome?

Success can ruin anyone

My article here about winning the lottery will sort of give you a basis and an idea of why having a fear of success is very real and very powerful. People fear that if they are sucScared HidingCredit: Wikimedia Commonscessful it will destroy them and would rather live mediocre lives so nothing extraordinary happens to them. They fear fame if they are good at something and don't want the press and media all over them. They fear being successful in becoming rich and the allure of money pulls them in and spits them out. They fear success in business and having to run a huge business would cause them so much stress and could destroy their families and personal lives. Now it's starting to make sense if you didn't see it before how a fear of success can be even greater than a fear of failure. Let's take these subjects individually and tackle them so we can figure out to overcome fear.

Fear of fame

Steve Vai is my most favorite guitarist and in an interview at guitar center's private lessons videos he mentioned that he was getting very good at the guitar and a fear of fame and success actually kept him up at night. This was before anyone even knew who he was, but he was struggling thinking about being famous and on stage. It's amazing how people will see success as a burden instead of a blessing, and this fear has to be dealt with because we are supposed to be successful in all of our endeavors. We strive for this very word, so why is it causing us fear and problems? The key is being too inwardly focused and caring about what people think. If you are going to be good at what you do and you fear bad press or opinions then you have to get over that. Everyone has an opinion but all that matters is what you think.

Fear of monitary success

This one can seem extremely weird because everyone wants to be rich. The most searched for terms in Google and other search engines is things like "How to get rich quick", "How to make money online", "How to make passive income", and the list goes on. Everyone wants money and more of it, so why would this cripple someone to pursuing their goals? One needs to only look at people's liFearfulCredit: Wikimedia Commonsves who won the lottery or people who suddenly because rich to see why this would cause anyone to panic and anxiety. Money has the potential to corrupt people, since they only focus on it and nothing else. Money buys you things and we want to have those things, therefore we do everything we can to get money. Money can cause someone to lose focus on life and give up things that are important for material goods, such as giving up family and friends for possessions.

This can really cripple someone and the anxiety has to be dealt with, so the number one way is to understand that having a fear of this problem means there's a lack of self-control and the horrible feeling of not being in control of your emotions is the root problem that must be dealt with. Overcoming this is key for you to move forward with your goals and seeing success in your endeavors, so don't let this thing stop you and work at the core issue of self-control and own it.

Fear of business success

Being successful in business is also another thing people strive for as they want to be a big CEO or manager of their company or business. It's a desire many share to be at the top and enjoying the view from there, but some people fear success in business because they can't handle the stress of knowing if things took off they are out of their league. If you offer a product or service and word gets out and suddenly the demand skyrockets you can't handle inventory and personnel that well and the anxiety and stress would kill you. Don't let this be the case; deal with this right now. The root issue is lacking control of personal responsibility and having control over that is key to overcoming this problem. Take courses and learn to be a manager and a leader and then when success does come you can handle it. Take the bull by the horns so to speak and take life head on when things go great for your business or company.

Do not doubt yourself

In all of these instances we can see that fear of success is just as valid and scary as spiders, heights, failure, and thousands of others. It's debilitating and cripples us when we know that the things we do can potentially take off and we aren't personally capable of handling when things go well. To be able to overcome this fear we have to first overcome the problems at the root of the issue. The core issues are feelings of shyness, lack of responsibility, lack of leadership skills, lack of self-control. These things should be worked on now and not only will it make you a better person, but when success does come you will be prepared to take life on and do what you were called to do. Your destiny is for greatness and success because you aren't an animal but a human being. You are intelligent, smart, passionate, beautiful, capable, and most of all, driven. Be driven and passionate about your goals and hobbies and if success comes your way don't sweat it each night and lose sleep, but instead embrace it and make yourself a better person today and down the road those skills will cause you to be on top of everything that comes your way.