Have you ever thought about using math Pacman educational games as a way to tutor your kids in the fundamentals of mathematics?  If not, they are something that you should check out as these games can be fun and challenging.  There is still something charming about that yellow, dot-eating, ghost-avoiding, then ghost-eating video game character, despite the fact that Pacman does not have any of the features of today's popular video games.  However, because of that charm, you can get your kids interested in one of the most difficult subjects, math, by playing one of several Pacman math games.  With a quick search in Google, your child can be on their way to discovering the excitement of Pacman while learning at the same time.

Math PacmanCredit: Keith Williamson; http://www.flickr.com/photos/elwillo/5338046415/

Where to Find Math Pacman Games

Math Pacman can best be found by doing a simple Google search.  I found a couple of websites with games that are easy to navigate and no trouble to start.  If you want something that's more software based instead of downloaded off of the Internet, you might have luck with math games found at places like Amazon and eBay.  Pacman math games might not be the easiest thing to purchase online.  Nevertheless, there are many fun educational mathematics games to be found with the click of a button.  Like with all online purchases, just be sure to understand the return policy.

What is Math Pacman?

Very good question, but once you start to play math Pacman games you will see that it is just what it sounds like.  You play educational versions of Pacman while solving mathematical equations.  A couple of notes, though.  First, these learning activities do not use the "real" Pacman set up.  It basically appears that someone builds their own game off of the Pacman format.  However, that is not a big deal, as I was still able to have fun playing.  Second, the equations are not difficult for older kids or adults. 

The gameplay is similar to a regular Pacman arcade game.  You are in charge of the little guy, and you try to go after the ghosts.  Except this time you are given an equation to solve, and you try to eat the corresponding ghost that floats throughout the screen.  Like the real thing, when you solve one puzzle and get the ghosts, you move on to another level in the game.

What Can Be Learned From Math Pacman Games?

By playing educational math Pacman games, kids can of course learn to solve mathematical equations.  However, the tutoring is done with some challenge and stress involved.  It makes the user be quick on their feet as they try to solve a problem while still avoiding the ghosts that head their way.  One of the games I played used relatively easy problems, but with larger numbers, so it still took an extra beat to figure out the answer.  That extra half-second got me in trouble one time.

People who grew up playing the game in an arcade or on an Atari remember the excitement of guiding Pacman through the maze while staying out of trouble.  With math Pacman games your child can have a similar experience, and learn a bit at the same time.