Although having a part time job in high school, may give you immediate financial freedom, it might cripple your financial future. Not spending enough time on studies; instead working at a part-time job, could negatively influence your marks, to the extent where you don't have the knowledge or grades to go to University or College. During adolescence the social development of your brain is in the highest stage of development. To deprive your brain and yourself of social interaction is counter-productive in the long term: when you go out into the world, you either will not have developed sufficient interpersonal skills, or not reached your full potential in social adeptness. As teens need over ten hours of sleep per night, and Canadian students have an average of 2-4 hours homework, there is no time, without risking your health, and biological development to work a consistent weekday job. High school students should not have a part time job. It could ruin their health, social and physical development, and will certainly affect their academic future also.

In high school, your studies should be the most important thing. They give you the knowledge to become informed citizens, succeed in your chosen area of field, and to reach above and beyond for scholarships to Universities and Colleges. They should be the biggest focus of your adolescent life. If you have a part time job, chances are there will be times when your marks and academic performance will suffer. You wont be able to achieve those high standards certain universities require, or get those passes to enter college. You may be gaining money for high school, but in doing so, you might be signing away your future education opportunities. Even if you decide to get a job solely to pay for University, the effort and time required for that, is pushing the limits of passing high school, let alone getting to the front doors of a University or College.

As social skills and interpersonal actions, are becoming more and more important in the workplace, students need to develop and refine their social skills and interactions to perfection so as to have a competitive edge in the worker pool. Even if being competitive is not needed, today's world is still relying more and more upon communication. Having good communication skills are incredibly important to all aspects of life. If a student if sacrificing their social time to work, they are missing the important learning opportunities and provided life lessons gained through interacting with people. They miss out on extra-curricular activities which may gain them connections, or skills that would be useful in the job world. If their brain misses out on the social stimuli during this heightened point of development in a human's life, there is a good biological chance that the human's "social cortex" may never develop to its full potential and may therefore inhibit or restrain future development of that part of the brain. This is an incredibly unfortunate thing to happen to someone, but it is quite possible if teens don't see the importance of socialization. Friends are important, believe it or not.

Just as with social development, the teen years are also extremely important and even crucial to the physical and mental development of a human being. The medical required average for sleep is 10-12 hours for humans ages 9-20*. In those precious hours of sleep, our body lays down melatonin in our brains, which concretes what we learned that day, repairs itself, and even grows. Sleep is where 75% or more of your physical growth happens*. When we deprive our bodies and minds of this sleep, not only does our school work suffer, but we restrain our biological development and growth. Because sleep is also the time when all the growing and recuperating happens, its also when your "healing cells" get into action. You fight bacteria and sickness much better when your well slept, and not sleeping leaves you vulnerable to ill health. While still actively succeeding in school, it is very hard to work a part-time weekday job, and still have time for 10+ hours of sleep. A part time job, really deprives you, mentally, and physically.

A part-time weekday job is a bad idea. It lowers your chances of success later on in life in numerous different fashions. It steals time from what is important to succeeding in your immediate environment, and in your future. It steals study time to excel in and pass high school. It steals social time, gaining valuable skills, crucial to the current work world. It steal time from something, maybe more precious then the others, our selves, our physical and mental embodiment. Our body suffers, and our brain and mind suffer. Our health suffers. and for the money most high school students earn, its really not worth it. Work hard at school and get a higher paid job, later on in life. Don't try to financially excel now.