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It's that time of year again when family and friends visit for Thanksgiving.
In Canada, we celebrate it in October with the same traditional fare as our American friends (turkey and stuffing, pumpkin and pecan pie).
Last year, I was not prepared to have guests spend the night, but when uncle so-and-so overindulged in homemade wine, I couldn't let him drive.
Since I didn't have a spare cot, I rummaged around in the basement and pulled out a dusty old sleeping bag for him.
Oh he didn't mind sleeping on the living room floor (he was too drunk to care) but I didn't feel right about him sleeping there. Normally, I have a spare bedroom for guests, but it's filled to the brim with toys right now.
So this year, I decided to seek out some affordable temporary bedding solutions. When my friends visit (with their children) I want them to be comfortable if they need a nap. And by "they" I mean the adults and their kids.

Unfortunately, Most Overnight Guests are Not George Clooney

So, you'll need extra beds/cots


When I was growing up, I was never allowed to have a sleepover. So when I became a mommy, I thought it would be nice to allow my daughter to have one.

Oh I'd much rather have an intoxicated adult crash in my home than a bunch of 8-year-olds stay overnight.

I never realized how hard it could be to keep six kids happy.

And you can forget about getting any sleep. Because when the house gets really quiet, it doesn't mean they are asleep; it means they've gotten into something they shouldn't.

And if you think a pancake breakfast is a good idea, think again. As soon as you turn your back to flip pancakes, someone is terrorizing the cat or something.

You won't believe how inadequate you'll feel serving up breakfast for a bunch of kids who barely slept. They don't like toast too brown or too light and your jam isn't the jam they have at home. And why don't you have the same juice . . blah, blah, blah. 

At least with a drunken adult, you can serve them anything to eat the next day. They are grateful for a cup of coffee and will gladly eat half-burnt toast. They don't need the crusts cut off their toast, either. They are just happy to be alive.

I'd really like sleepovers to be banned. Or at least, make sure there are qualified, certified "sleepover" professionals around to help you out.

All It Takes is One "Lily" in the Bunch

Beware, kids follow the leader

For Children 2 - 5 Years of Age

I was completely impressed with the Regalo My Cot Portable Bed. It keeps the kids off the dusty floor and doesn't require any kind of complicated set-up. It's as fast to assemble as opening an umbrella.

Plus, it folds up neatly into a bag (that comes with it) so you can take it to the beach, sporting events or when you visit family and friends for the weekend.

I especially like the machine washable, sturdy fitted sheet that comes with it. Up next is a short (57 second) video demonstration of this little cot.

My Cot - Portable Toddler Cot by Regalo

Regalo My Cot Portable Bed

Regalo My Cot Portable Bed RoseWrites 2014-10-07 5.0 0 5

My Cot Portable Bed by Regalo

Backed by a Limited 90-Day Warranty

Regalo My Cot Portable Bed, Royal Blue
Amazon Price: $25.00 $23.99 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 5, 2016)
Key things to remember: your kid(s) should not jump on this cot and it works like a hammock - so anyone over 75 lbs (34 kg) would probably find this too uncomfortable to sleep on. It keeps your child about 6 - 7 inches off the floor. Kids over 52 inches (4' 4" or 132 cm) might be too tall (long) to sleep on it. This cot is made from certified nontoxic materials (so there's no "funny" smell to it). It's also available in pink.

Regalo also contributes to Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc. (K.I.D.S), Make-A-Wish Foundation, and nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping struggling mothers.
packing for ny
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My Child Prefers to Sleep Near Me

Whenever we travel to visit friends and family

Regalo My Cot Portable Bed in Royal Blue
Credit: Amazon

Unless You Are This Dog

Sleeping on a loveseat or the cushions doesn't work

Stretched out on Mums place on the sofa
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Keeping Adult Guests Comfortable

Years ago, I visited a relative in Vancouver. She didn't have any spare bedrooms, so I offered to sleep on loveseat cushions (tossed on the floor) with a blanket or two.

I barely slept, the cushions kept coming apart and the cold floor beneath them woke me up. When I put the cushions back on her loveseat and tried to sleep there, I felt like a pretzel. It was pretty bad and it was hard to "be nice" the next day. I needed a vacation after my vacation.

Nah, Kitchen Counters Aren't Comfy Either

Minh's Sleeping Arrangements
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The Trouble with Sofa Beds and Futons

Oh and forget inflatables (hot and smells like plastic)

I slept on a fold-out couch and a futon in my college days - never again. These aren't comfortable and sofa beds (if they are still made) weigh a ton. Ever try to move one of them?

Once upon a time, I had a small cot (about the width of a lawn chair) with a mattress that was 2-inches thick and it was horrible to sleep on. There was no way to add extra padding to it either, no fitted sheets, or mattress covers were the right size. So, I decided to donate it.

Finally, I found a solution when I sought out a real mattress company. Simmons has been making mattresses for over 140 years.[1]

And I don't know about you, but I have some relatives on the hefty side, so I needed something good and sturdy. The Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Twin Bed (shown next) can hold up to 300 lbs (136 kg).

Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Bed (Twin)
Credit: Amazon

Folds Up Beautifully

It's about 8-inches wide at the thickest part

Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Bed (Twin) Folded Up
Credit: Amazon

Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Bed (Twin)

Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Bed (Twin) RoseWrites 2014-10-07 5.0 0 5

Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Bed

Regular twin-sized sheets work just fine

Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Bed (Twin)
Amazon Price: $199.99 $143.95 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 5, 2016)
The great thing about this bed is I can put it in the car for road trips too (just in case I'm offered an uncomfortable loveseat to sleep on again). The mattress is 3-inches thick and comes with a quilted fitted cover that is washable. Amazon provides a 1:08 second video to show you how fast and easy it is to set up. You don't need any tools at all. It measures 75 x 31 inches, keeps you 17 inches off the floor, and weighs 29 lbs (13 kg).