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I can’t think of any island in the Caribbean that doesn’t have resorts that offer all-inclusive vacations. What you get with an all-inclusive, you can’t compare to anything else. An all –inclusive vacation package is basically all the food and drinks you can imagine 24/7… and for that girl that spent the last year not eating to fit into her wedding dress, this is a dream come true. As for that guy that is sick of hearing all that ‘wedding talk’ and just wants to pig out and then sit on the beach with a cold drink in his hand, this is for him too.

None of the Hawaiian Islands offer package deals with food included the way the Caribbean does and that really is a shame. Nobody wants to spend their honeymoon skimping and saving on food by shopping at grocery stores and then come back to their hotel tired and sweaty to cook up a feast – it’s not romantic! And forget about eating out every night at fancy restaurants, all you’re going to do is eat up your wallet, you’re overpaying for food that you can have anywhere you want in the States and you’re still limited with your dining options especially at the more secluded hotels. Compare this with eating your pick at a buffet where you have everything from pasta stations to seafood.

Finally, we have the issue of the beach. This is where you’re going to be spending most of your time so it’s important that you choose wisely. While the Hawaiian Islands offer a variety of golden brown and even dramatic black sand beaches, the powder soft sand of almost any Caribbean island beats that exotic vibe you get when you hear the word “Hawaii” any day. The sand in Hawaii at best is still grainy; you have to remember that volcanoes formed these islands. As for palm trees, well the locals informed me that palm trees aren’t even native to Hawaii, what a let down! You’ll find stunning views at both places, but nothing that turquoise water in the Caribbean is truly mesmerizing.

I had a great time visiting Oahu, Maui and the Big Island but when I look back, and compare this trip with trips to the Bahamas and Mayan Riviera for example, hands down, the better value is going down south. After a year or 6 months, or however long it took you to plan your wedding, you deserve a stress-free vacation where you and your significant other can relax and reminisce about the past year. To save yourself time and money, you should now understand where the better value is out of these two great destinations. Whichever you end up choosing, I hope you have a fabulous time! Make the most out of your trip, who knows how soon it’ll be before the kiddies arrive and there go your plans for any future travel!