If you've never experienced Hawaiian vacations, I wouldn't be surprised to find that doing so is somewhere at the top of your bucket list. Not only are Hawaiian destinations a popular choice for honeymoons, anniversaries, and family vacations, but they also will appeal to surfers, golfers, or other various adventurous individuals.

1.  Different Destinations, Different Paradises

In terms of Hawaiian destinations, there are six major islands to choose from: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and Hawaii Island, with each island having its own unique personality, adventures, and activities to be explored.

2.  Land of Love and RomanceRomantic hawaiiCredit: http://huffingtonpost.com

Are you planning your honeymoon, or perhaps a second honeymoon? Hawaiian vacations are undoubtedly considered one of the most romantic choices of all for newlyweds. If your kids are now grown and gone, there's no better way to celebrate and revive the romance between the two of you than to take a trip to Hawaii.

3.  Ride some Waves!

Maybe you're a surfer and are drawn to Hawaii's appeal for that reason. Whether you want to surf or book a canoe trip you can find something that's sure not to disappoint.

4.  Stay in Comfort:  Luxury or ModestyHawaii vacation resortsCredit: http://destination360.com

As far as Hawaiian resorts go, there are a number to choose from, depending on which island you'll be visiting. If you're on a budget, you might prefer to stay in a hostel instead of one of the more luxurious Hawaiian resorts. This is a terrific and satisfying option if you're a backpacker sort who is more interested in experiencing the fun and adventure of Hawaii than the romance and luxury, or you just like to keep things simple.

5.  Hit the Linx

If you're a golfer, there are more than 70 beautiful golf courses over the Hawaiian Islands. You're certain to be satisfied, whether you're a serious golfer or on a family vacation and looking for something kid friendly.

6.  Perfect Weather, Nice People, Relaxed AtmosphereOahu beautyCredit: gohawaii.com

There are a number of reasons that you should visit Hawaii, whether it's one of the above reasons or some other one. The top ten reasons to visit Hawaii obviously start with the wonderful weather. Hawaii has some of the best weather in the world, remaining relatively steady year round. 

Another reason to put Hawaii on your list of places to go is the people. The 'aloha spirit' is not just common conduct among the Hawaiian people, but is actually law in Hawaii.

The culture is another one of the top reasons you might choose to visit Hawaii, which is the only state in the USA where everyone is a minority. Almost 25% of island residents claim ancestry of two or more races, and today there are less than 8000 pure Hawaiians alive. 

7.  Rich in History:  Modern and Ancient

That brings us to the next reason for choosing Hawaii as a destination, which is the history. If you're a history geek, you can explore 1600-1700 years of history on each of the Hawaiian Islands.

8.  Soak Up Some Sun!sun bathingCredit: http://mindbodygreen.com

Of course, no list of reasons to visit the Hawaiian Islands would be complete without mentioning the wonderful beaches. Over 750 miles of shoreline and over 400 named beaches is pretty impressive! Only Alaska, California, and Florida have more shoreline than Hawaii. You can even choose the color of your beach including white sands, yellow sands, red sands, black sands, and even one green sands beach! All beaches in the state of Hawaii are by law public beaches up to the vegetation line, and many have parking facilities.

9.  Oh, oh, oh…the Volcanos!

Then there are the volcanoes in Hawaii. Did you know that each Hawaiian island was formed by a single hotspot on the floor of the ocean? Of all the volcanoes in Hawaii, the most popular is Kilauea on Hawaii Island, which has been in a state of constant eruption since January 3, 1983. There are helicopter tours that will enable you to see the volcanoes from above in addition to enjoying all the beautiful Hawaiian scenery from a bird's eye view. You might choose a hiking tour to Diamond Head State Monument in Oahu. You might visit the Haleakala Sunrise in Maui. On Hawaii Island, you can visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

10.  Exploit the Beauty of the Pacific OceanHawaii Postcard VacationsCredit: http://wallcoo.net

Undoubtedly, the ocean itself is a reason to visit Hawaii, and what a lot of it there is to see. If you want to get in the water, your choices include surfing, boogie boarding, wind surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and the latest craze, 'snuba'. If you want to enjoy the ocean without getting too wet, you might choose sailing or raft tours, whale watches, sunset and dinner tours, deep sea fishing or perhaps parasailing.


Of course, the food may be a good reason in of itself for choosing Hawaiian vacations. A Hawaiian luau isn't just a wonderful feast, but an event that you can participate in and remember for a long time to come. If you want to fully experience the wonderful cuisine in Hawaii, you might even choose to go on a Hawaiian food tour.

Don't forget to leave a little extra room in your baggage when you head toward Hawaiian destinations because you will very likely want to go shopping while in Hawaii. Whether you just want to get souvenirs for yourself or something special to take back home to friends and loved ones, there's plenty of shopping to be found in Hawaii.

12.  A Postcard in Reality Everywhere You Look

Turtle Ko Olina lagoonCredit: Best of Oahu

Last but not least on our Top 12 reasons to visit Hawaii is the geography. The breathtaking beauty of the Hawaiian Islands is enough in of itself to draw those who have already experienced it back to this amazing destination again and again. The variety of geographical features among the islands includes sea cliffs and canyons, volcanic landscapes, glorious beaches with colorful sands, amazing waterfalls, tropical rainforests, and beautiful flora and fauna. 

Whatever your reason may be for choosing to visit Hawaii, it is certain to be one destination that you are unlikely to be disappointed in. Depending on what activities you're most interested in doing during your Hawaiian vacation, there are certain times of the year that may be better than others to take your trip. This guide may help you determine what time of the year will be most ideally suited to your interests. Aloha!