Looking to add a little flavor to your next outdoor party? Or searching for a party theme to break up the winter monotony? A Hawaiian theme party might be the summer-like splash you need. And to pull one off properly, you're going to need the right Hawaiian party supplies. Here you'll get a checklist of some of the more essential ones, along with a few Hawaiian theme party ideas to help spice up the night.

A Hawaiian Theme Party: Bring The Tropics Home

Mega Plastic Lei assortment (100 plastic flower leis)Hawaii and its famous luaus are known for their colors, good times, music, food, and just plain old-fashioned fun. People travel half-way around the globe to be inspired by these one-of-a-kind parties. But what's stopping you from throwing one of your own? You can bring the tropics home by throwing your own Hawaiian theme party. It's sure to help remove those winter doldrums or add a fun twist to your summer outdoor parties.

A Hawaiian or luau theme party is not too hard to pull together and can really spark a tidal wave of fun for you and your friends. These are special events full of music, food, drink, and dancing. Just the things to brighten any day of the year. And to get started, you are going to need to stock up on the Hawaiian theme party supply basics.

From Tiki Torches To Coconut Cups: Your Hawaii Party Supplies Checklist

For the perfect Hawaiian theme party, there are certain supplies that you should have at hand. Below is a checklist of the essentials. Having these will guarantee you that perfect Hawaiian atmosphere that your guests are certain to enjoy.

Hawaiian invitations

Luau -12 Message in a Bottle Tropical Invitations - Wholesale Luau Party SuppliesYou need the right island touch with your invites to create that festive luau mood well before the big day arrives. You can go with one of the many Hawaiian invitations available. But there's some creative choices too. Maybe a tropical Christmas card turned into an invite if you're looking to throw a pre-holiday Hawaiian-themed bash. Or perhaps invitations in a bottle, like they've just washed up to shore.

Hawaiian Leis and/or kukui nut necklaces

These Hawaiian staples are great welcoming gifts and party favors that set the festive tone from the minute your guests walk in the door. No Hawaiian party should be without one or the other.

Tiki torches and/or tiki totem poles

Decorating your yard with tiki torches and totem poles is a must to tie together your Hawaiian theme. If your party is indoors, skip the torches (obviously) and opt for some beach scented candles to set the tone.

Jointed Tiki Totem Pole Party Accessory

Paper lanterns

Coming in many colors, shapes, and sizes, paper lanterns are great fun during night time parties, and even quite useful for setting the tone indoors, too. To really drive home the Hawaiian theme, you can opt for paper lanterns that feature Hawaiian prints.

Hawaiian paper plates

Look for paper plates featuring tropical themes. This could be anything from hibiscus leaves to hula girls.

Plastic coconut cups

Instead of drinking out of regular paper or plastic cups, how about treating everyone to something special? Plastic coconut cups have just the right amount of kitsch factor to get a smile from nearly everyone. When you mix in a great rum or coconut drink, you've got a big winner on your hands.

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Grass hula skirts

These are another excellent party favor to liven up the mood. Grass skirts just make people want to hula. Even your friends that are the last ones you'd expect to dance may get the itch when presented with a grass hula skirt.Hawaiian Luau Hibiscus Green Table Skirt 9Ft Party

Grass table skirts

Lining your food table or makeshift bar with a grass table skirt helps set the tone of your Hawaiian theme party. They also help cover up any supply boxes you may need to hide under the table, so they are both fun and practical!

Inflatable beach balls

Having a few beach balls around your party space helps create social interaction among your guests. People will be drawn to throw them around. And even if they aren't, they definitely add needed depth to your party's theme.

Seashells and seashell art

How can you celebrate Hawaiian style without some seashells sprinkled around your space? You can add even more to the ocean vibe with some seashell art placed around on your walls.

Luau photo stand

Life-Size Luau Photo Stand

They may be a bit silly, but you've got to admit they're a lot of fun. Life-sized photo stands draw crowds and make for the perfect photo opportunity. Having one at your event can lead to a lot of good laughs.

There are many more varieties of Hawaiian party supplies, so when you've got the essentials covered, let your imagination add to your decorating! What a great way to push away the winter blues or celebrate a beautiful summer night. Your friends are sure to agree.