The sun is setting, a cool breeze brushes against your face, palm trees sway underneath reddish/pinkish skies, and rolling waves gently lap the shore - you're currently having the best Hawaiian Luau party ever! And then you wake up. You're in snail-paced traffic and gray skies loom overhead. The Hawaiian experience can seem like a dream to many who have tight schedules or simply don't have the means to travel to the Luau capital of the world. But with the right party supplies (and the right weather) you can be transported there all with a little bit of imagination and a laid-back attitude. Summer is usually the best time to have these parties as you're more likely to have similar weather seen in Hawaii. So if you're sick of the concrete jungle you're forced to deal with, hosting a Luau party with your closest friends and family might be the mental "trip" you need.

Force people into the Hawaiian spirit

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There are a few things you can do to make your Hawaiian themed party a blast. You could require a dress-code, everyone wearing bright-colored Hawaiian shirts and donning the lei's they receive as soon as they walk in the doors. You could have the women wearing grass skirts to give your party that tropical flair. And if hosting it at a beach, Hawaiian swimsuits would allow people to quickly dip in for a swim after a round of beach volleyball.

Hawaii's not far from home

If hosting the party in your backyard, you'd have tiki torches lining the perimeter of the yard and Hawaiian paper lanterns could hover above to provide that extra bit of lighting during the evening hours. Being able to extend the party into the night hours with appropriate lighting will keep guests happy an ensure rave reviews the next day at work.

You are Hawaii

Other party supplies include Hawaiian themed tablecloths and candles that can be placed as centerpieces. Maybe a few surfboards leaning against the wall to give the impression at any given moment you might run off to the beaches and ride the waves. Make your guest feel you have unbridled Hawaiian blood rushing through your veins. Of course, you may not have palm trees in your backyard, and the inflatable ones probably won't do your party justice, but you can still have Hawaiian flowers like pink and yellow Plumerias littering the tables, or pineapples and coconuts found in almost every location. Keep your event authentic with real items and try avoiding the plastic stuff that you can blow up. Those are for kids parties anyway.

Never wake up

There are many other things you can do to make your dream Hawaiian party as close to reality as possible. Just stretch your imagination and browse the web for more info that'll help you with your event. Hawaiian party ideas can be found just with a few minutes online, and they can help inspire more from you so you can host a knock-out party.

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