Hawaiian Themed Wedding

Hawaiian themed weddings are great fun.

This is the type of wedding you may want to have if you are looking for a fun and informal wedding.

I helped to cater a Hawaiian themed wedding and it was done very well, and on a shoe string budget.

They started by designing their own wedding invitations in a Hawaiian Theme, and then made sure that all the guests realized that the more flowered shirts and dresses there were the better. Most of the guests were very excited that they did not have to buy or rent suits or expensive clothes and shoes.

Right off the bat, this made for a fun and lighthearted event. They then rented a hall for their 100 guests, and they purchased those sea grass rugs or sisal style rugs, and decorated the walls with them. This gave the illusion of a grass hut walls. It was very effective. They then rented palm tree plants (very realistic fake ones!) and dotted them around the room.

They were able to get a minister to come to this hall and marry them there instead of a traditional church. Everyone who came into the hall was greeted with an aloha and draped with the traditional welcome leis (you can get real ones, or use ones from party stores, which they did)

They opted for a smorgasbord for the dinner for their Hawaiian Themed Wedding, which was pulled pork and vegetables. It was set up at the back of the room for when the ceremony was over. There was no gap in between the ceremony and the dinner. No one left the hall, as the wedding and reception were all in one. The wedding was at 5 pm and dinner was a 6 pm.

With all the palm trees and plants, and the grass rugs on the wall, and the decorated deck chairs, and everyone dressed in flowers, they pulled off a Hawaiian Themed wedding very well.

With everyone wearing Hawaiian style shirts and dresses, and sandals, it was fun.

The bride wore a Hawaiian style sundress, with flowers in her hair, and the groom wore a flowered Hawaiian shirt and white pants. Both were in sandals. The ceremony was short and to the point, and they read each other their own vows.

It was a fun Hawaiian Themed Wedding for two people who could only afford a wedding on a shoe string budget.

With the smorgasbord style dinner, there was no wait staff needed. Tables were brought out as soon as the ceremony was over, and the chairs that were used to watch the wedding were not put at the tables. Everyone came up and got their own dinner, and the only people they had to hire this way was the caterer and the bar tender, and a photographer. Although they did put out disposable cameras for the guests to use throughout the evening..

With a traditional wedding costing so much money these days, it can be hard to not feel pressured to having the same. But depending on your personality, this many not be for you! It does not have to cheapen your day to try something different.

A Hawaiian themed wedding was just one way to create a themed wedding, but there are many other ways as well. The only thing they could not bring in was sand, but they had a sea grass style runner for the bride to walk down, and it worked out well considering this Hawaiian Themed Wedding was done smack in the middle of February.

The bride loved this idea, because with the touchy weather of February, this way no one left the building for the wedding or the reception.

Guess where they went on their honeymoon? You guessed it! Hawaii. This way they had the wardrobe already!