Hawaiin Engagement Ring(119122)Credit: pinterest.com/seasonlaurel/stacked-rings/There are no specific designs that are culturally identified as Hawaiin Engagement Rings. Like Western Engagement Rings, Hawaiin Engagement rings use the same materials, settings, and metals. Modern practices, however, have inspired many modern couples to take inspiration from their surroundings.

As we all know, Hawaii, though a state of the US, is very different from other States. It is the only state that’s made of islands. They also have natural resources that are richer than any of the ones you will find in other states. It is these unique characteristics that are used by different jewellery designers to create a Hawaiin-inspired engagement ring.

Coconut and Banana Leaves

Hawaiin Engagement Ring(119121)Credit: http://www.nahoku.com/Coconut and banana leaves are aesthetically beautiful. The shape of the two leaves is distinct and easily identifiable. These two leaves are also very much associated with Hawaii. There are different ways on how these leaves may be used for an engagement ring:

  • Use the leaves to surround the gem. It’s going to look like petals of the a flower. You can experiment on how you want to position the leaves. You can put position one leaf another vertically, or horizontally. You may also use several layers of the leaves

Hawaiin Engagement RingCredit: www.fashionsalade.com

  • Use the leaves to form the band itself. Just be mindful that the coconut leaves are harder to shape because the petals of the leaves are thinner
  • Put a leaf on each side of the band. See photo posted. Imagine the leaf on the side of the ring as a banana or coconut leaf
  • You may stud the leaf with small diamonds too. Instead of using only one diamond, you may use many diamonds and cover the left or form the leaf with the diamonds


Hawaiin Engagement Ring(119123)Credit: www.hstern.netHawaii has a tropical climate which makes it possible for many plants, flowers, and trees to grow which is not possible to be grown in other parts of the US. Gardens are often recreated on rings. There are different ways on how to do it:

  • An elaborate way is to actually form different roses and leaves using different gems to form the flowers and the metals are shaped to form leaves
  • The photo on the side shows a different way on how to create a garden. Instead of just using gems with different colors to form several flowers, you may also create flowers using the metal itself. When you use real gold, this will entail a lot of work but it is worth it
  • You may also combine both. Use gems with different colors and metals to form flowers and leaves
  • Also make it a point to explore the different flowers that are native in Hawaii. For example, Red Ginger and Field Indian Paintbrush don’t look much like flowers at all but these flowers are native in Hawaii and holds special meanings in the culture of Hawaii


Hawaiin Engagement Ring(119126)Credit: providentjewelry.comThere is also the option of just recreating a flower using stones and metals. The photo on the side shows how unique a flower can be. There are many ways on how to make the flower-inspired wedding ring look unique. However, there is no better way of making sure your flower-inspired engagement ring but to take inspiration from the 89 endemic (native to Hawaii) flower found in Hawaii. These flowers look so unique that they don’t actually look like flowers to some people.

However, that’s the whole point of having a Hawaiin engagement ring. Some options to look at are:Hawaiin Engagement Ring(119124)Credit: www.hstern.net

  • Red Flowers – Florida Tasselflower, Torch Ginger, coral Hibiscus
  • Pink Flowers – Red Ginger, Lilac Tasselflower, Squirrel’s Tail, Parakeet Hliconia, Ohi’a Lahua, Rose Grape, Flowering Banana, Pinkhead Smartweed, Octopus Tree
  • Orange Flowers – Indian Shot, Emperor’s Candlestick, African Tulip Tree, Bird of Paradise
  • Purple and Blue Flowers – Ageratum, Ice Blue Calathea, Climbing Dayflower, Oceanblue Morning-glory, Blue butterfly bush

The Ocean

Hawaii has some of the best beaches and you can take a lot of inspiration from the beach to create a Hawaiin engagement ring:Hawaiin Engagement Ring(119128)Credit: www.luxist.com

  • Corals - this is a little hard to pull off because there are very few gems and metals that may be shaped to imitate the beauty of corals. You may actually get corals or buy stones that are synthetic corals. These are corals that are lab grown. There are many synthetic corals in the market because it is actually illegal to get corals from the ocean

Hawaiin Engagement Ring(119129)Credit: www.trendhunter.com

  • Fish – there are many fish that look unique. In fact, some fish are so rarely seen that sighting ones is like sighting Godzilla. Some fish, in fact, has never been actually photographed. Some of them were only drawn based on the description of those who have actually seen it
  • Sunrise – it is not easy but there are ways on how to recreate the sun on a ring. One way is to use a yellow-colored gem and using the metals as the rays. However, you can also be a bit more creative and do something like what is shown in the photo. The engagement ring used metals to create a sun-like image. Using a gold metal, a sun shaped metal as the second layer, and the swirling vine on top, the ring now looks like a unique interpretation of the sunrise


Hawaiin Engagement Ring(119127)Credit: www.designboom.comYes, you may recreate the wind with a little bit of creativity. Here are ways to do it:

  • You may create a wavy band. It creates an illusion of being blown by the wind. The wind, although you can feel it, is invisible. That’s why you need to get an object to show the effect of the wind
  • You may also create an image of dancing vines or dancing flower as if it is being blown by the wind. Look at that image on the side and imagine each vine slightly bending as if it is being blown by the wind
  • Twists are also great representation of the wind. Observe that when artists try to draw the wind, they create lines that are twisted or a swoosh. This is mean to show how the wind moves and how the win moves other objects that it affect


Handmade Engagement Ring(117236)There are some who opt to engrave a Hawaii scene in their ring or a phrase that originated in Hawaii. The possibilities are endless. Just don’t make the mistake that these styles are culturally Hawaii. Hawaiian Engagement rings simply means you took inspiration from the place.




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