Hawken is a multiplayer mech based first person shooter developed by Adhesive Games and released on Steam on February 2014. The player takes control of bipedal robots with various weapons and abilities.


Part 1: Tutorial and Basics

If you are new to Hawken then it would be helpful to first check out the tutorial. Hawken plays similarly to many other first person shooters but has a few unique aspects the FPS veterans might have trouble adjusting to. Movement is a very important to the gameplay. Every robot can dash forward for a boost of speed but losing the ability to fire its weapons. You can also use an evasive side step to dodge incoming attacks and use their boosters to hover in the air. Unlike most first person shooters, weapons in Hawken have infinite ammunition. This is offset by the fact that they can overheat which forces players to be cautious when firing their weapons. Having a good understanding of these mechanics will give you a better chance of survival.


After you finish the tutorial, I would recommend playing an offline match to help you get used to the controls. When you feel comfortable with the game mechanics you should go to play tab on the games main menu and select one of the five game modes. Deathmatch, Co-Op Survival, and Team Deathmatch I recommended for beginners but if you feel confident in your skills then you can try Missile Assault and Siege Mode.

Part 2: Game Modes


Death-Match is a free-for-all game mode where all player compete to get as many kills and deal as much damage as possible in a limited amount of time.

Team Death-Match is similar to the mode above but has more emphasis on team work and co-operation. Staying with your teammates and surviving as long as possible is essential to success and dying often can turn the tide of a match.

Missile Assault is a team based game mode in which both teams try to capture as many missile launchers as possible to destroy their opponent's home base. Like Team Death-Match, this mode requires a lot of teamwork and co-ordination. These matches are especially entertaining and intense as they often end with both bases with barely any health. This mode also requires a good understanding of the map layouts and how to best synergize with your teammates.

Siege works in a similar fashion as the above but with a few important differences. In this mode, two teams collect energy found a various points around the map and take it back to their respective bases. When enough energy units have been collected, a battle ship will be launched towards the enemy base. There is an anti-air turret on every map that players can capture and use to destroy an enemy battle ship. Like Missile Assault, this mode should only be played by experienced users who are well versed in the games mechanics and understand effective team composition.

Now that we have gone over the basic controls and map types, lets talk about the different types robots you ca pilot.

Part 3: Mech Types


Hawken gives the player a range of robots to choose from that are separated into three categories.


Medium type robots are the jack of all stats of this game. They all have average stats, movement speed, and abilities all except for the Bruiser and the Sharpshooter. The Bruiser is an offense based robot that relies on doing as much damage as possible in a short amount of time at the cost of quickly over heating. The Sharpshooter is a long-range robot made to pick of  enemies from a distance.


Light-weight robots are the glass cannon/ support type classes of the game. They are extremely fast and agile both on the ground and in the air. The Berserker and Infiltrators specialize in sudden ambushes, hit n' run tactics, and evasive maneuvers to defeat their opponents. The Technician is the game's main support class. It can heal teammates and drain health from enemy robots. The Reaper is a  light version of the Sharpshooter but with a higher move speed and accuracy.


Heavy-weight robot are the defense focused classes of the game. They boast high armor and durability but have very low movement speed. The Brawler and the Vanguard specialize in front line combat and absorbing large amounts of damage while the Grenader and the Rocketeer empathize long-range suppression fire and crowd control.

Part 4: Conclusion

I hope this article helps you get the most out of Hawken. It is in open beta on steam with a steadily growing community that frequently interacts with the games developers. If you have nostalgia for the giant robot genre and want a unique multiplayer experience the Hawken is the game for you.