He who lives by the sword will die by the sword

 Mirin Dajo, was the stage name of Arnold Gerrit Henskes, who was a of Dutch fakir ( Muslim Sufi ascetic). In the Esperanto language, this name meant "wonder". Dajo, who saw the Esperanto language as a way of uniting the world, wanted to use his incredible sword piercing act to spread the message of "love and peace".

During his sword act in the 1940's, Dajo would stand shirtless, while an assistant ran fencing foils through his body, one at a time. Audience members were often invited onto the stage to watch the act performed and medical doctors also examined him for methods of trickery, however to their surprise he pushed the sword through his front and it came out of his back.

Is This For Real?

Mirin DajoCredit: Wikipedia

 In his youth Dajo may have had mental health issues, as he had many strange dreams and experiences of the "paranormal". Later at the age of thirty-three, he supposedly had the realisation, that his body was "invulnerable." And soon he began his "act", outside of pubs, where he could be found, swallowing glass and razor blades and letting people pierce him with "dagger-like objects."

Dajo was of the opinion, that god was using him to show the people of the world, that there was more to life than materialism and that they should acknowledge a higher force. 

So how did he really perform theses incredible acts? It is evident that the swords did indeed pass through Dajo's body, but many skeptics and doctors today believe, that Dajo, may have learnt the technique from fakirs in India. The method may have involved Dajo, getting his assistant to push the sword, bit by bit into his body, leaving it in its place until scar tissue formed, kind of like an ear-piercing. This would cause a fistula (passageway) to form. Dajo's body was covered with scars, perhaps from his attempts to create fistulas. It is believed that he may have managed to create at least four fistulas. He would however, have needed to have something like a thin metal rod, constantly holding the hole open, again much like an ear piercing.

Mirin Dajo died on the May 11, 1948, after he ate a steel needle, supposedly after being instructed to do so by voices. The needle was removed by surgeons, but autopsy revealed Dajo had died of an aortic rupture.

Warning for the Squeamish!