Acne of the scalp, also known as head acne, can be an embarrassing problem for men and women of all ages. The good news it a that a proper head acne shampoo can help get rid of scalp acne while leaving the skin around the area, as well as the hair on your head, looking fresh and clean.

How do head acne shampoos work?

It is important to understand that we all call head acne is not often actually true acne. Acne, as occurs on the face or on other parts of the skin, is caused when the oil gland of a cell becomes inflamed or infected. This is the way that a normal pimple is caused. On the scalp the process is a little bit different.

While the cells on the top of the head also contain oil glands, the configuration is such that it is not actually the case that bacteria is getting into the hair follicle itself. Instead what is happening is that the skin around the hair follicle is are becoming inflamed, a condition known as folliculitis. In any even, the result is a bright red discoloration on the scalp or under the hair that looks like a normal pimple.

These pustules, despite being unattractive, are not particularly dangerous though in some instances they can itch and emit puss. Should they begin to emit puss then you probably have an infection on your hands and that will needed to be tended to promptly and with more urgent care. But the condition of folliculitis rarely results in any puss or discoloration. The main reason that people want to get rid of head acne is that it looks unattractive.

A proper head acne shampoo will treat the cause of the condition rather than just the symptoms. This is good news because not only is your scalp acne likely to go away, it is likely to stay away once again. Head acne shampoos work by targeting the small, tiny organisms that cause the inflammation of the scalp in the first place and are responsible for the appearance of acne. These microorganisms are often the staph bacterium which is able to efficiently reproduce in the environment provided by the scalp. Once these microorganisms are eliminated, the color and feel of the scalp will return to its normal, acne-free state.

It is pretty important to make sure that what appears to scalp pimples are actually not something else that can result in a more serious condition. In some cases yeast infections of the crown of the scalp are mistaken for head acne. In this instance, the redness will not go away with head acne shampoos alone and you will need to see a doctor to receive a prescription for antibiotic medicine.

Proper use of a scalp acne shampoo can clear up scalp pimples within the course of ten days to two weeks. At this point, continued good scalp hygiene becomes critical in order to ensure that the problem do not return. Luckily, proper washing and drying of the hair, along with regular laundering of pillow cases and sheets will allow you to maintain a healthy, happy scalp.