Head lice treatment can be a long and hard experience. Many families a year dread sending their children back to school for the fear of them getting lice. On average there are 8-10 million families battling head lice in their household. The way to permanently get rid of lice has multiple steps that have to be followed to the queue. Feel free to decide for yourself if these head lice treatment tips work for you.

Understanding if you Have Lice Before Figuring Out How to Get Rid of Head Lice

Some of the first head lice symptoms of you obtaining lice are an itchy feeling on your scalp. This is caused by the louse's hooked mouth sucking the blood from your scalp. This requires proper examination of your scalp and must be done by someone else. The searcher is looking for tiny pin sized white bugs closely congregating next to your scalp. Keep in mind, a lot of time psoriasis is often blamed for head lice, so you must know what you're looking for. When the searcher has found the lice you will need to find a way to kill them.

Home Remedies for Lice - Clean the Room and Clothes

Cleaning of all the infected clothes owned by the owner that has been used is a must. You will need to gather all the clothes in a bag and wash them in the hottest water possible. It is very important to make sure that the setting is as hot as it can be before you start the wash. Don't forget to collect all of the bedding as well and wash those items. Next, you will want to mix a bottle of bleach and water, then scour the entire room the infected person has slept in. Cleaning of the mattress is also a plus. You will have to collect all of the stuffed animals if there are any present. Bagging them in a plastic bag for one week will help to kill the head lice. The reason for this is because lice need a human host to be able to survive.

Head Lice Treatment for Killing the Lice

You will need to buy some lice killing shampoo. Be ready to shell out anywhere from $5.00 to $20.00 at a time. Making sure you read the directions is a must since you have to pay so much for this product. Also, make sure you lather the hair until there is a lot of foam. Shampoos you buy at a store do not offer a guarantee that they will kill all of the lice. I have found many people tend to also use routine home remedies for head lice elimination.

Home Remedies for Head Lice

Home remedies for head lice infestation are often the best way for killing all of the lice. Many of the remedies go with the smothering with mayo or any other thick concoction. Mixing of oils tend to help detach the lice from the hair. With a little research you can find thousand of successful stories online about the best way to kill lice. Many people swear tee tree oil is a cure all, while others swear by peppermint. The choice is up to you. Make sure you read all of the instructions first, because no one wants to loose all of their hair.

Common Home Remedies for Lice

  • Rinsing your hair with Pantene shampoo.
  • Lathering your hair with mayo and rinsing you hair with coconut extract.
  • I have heard washing your hair with kerosene but there is a safety note there.
  • Lathering your hair with EVOO extra virgin olive oil to loosen the lice
  • Blowing smoke up in a plastic hat to smoke the lice out.

Whether or not you decide to use home remedies for lice are up to you. As for smothering the lice it seems to be the most common and often used for killing the lice. The thicker the substance is the better chance the lice cannot breath. You will on average have to re lather your hair after you washed your hair with oil. The combination of both helps to kill and loosen the lice. One you find hatched eggs any no live lice you can discontinue.

How to Purchase Shampoo for Head Lice Treatment Without Embarrassment

Head Lice ShampooThere are a few options for purchasing lice shampoo so you don't have to be embarrassed. You can buy dog lice shampoo, because the same chemicals are in dog's lice shampoo as there are in adult's shampoo. Another option is to have a friend that you trust go in and purchase. The last option is to buy the shampoo online and have it over nighted. It is also a good idea to buy lice shampoo even if no one in the family has lice. That way you have it on hand if it does ever happen.

You need to understand that head lice are not a way to show other people you're dirty. One of the most common head lice facts is that lice are attracted to a clean surface to devour the host blood. Another tip to remember is head lice will not survive after being off a host's body. Please attempt to use home remedies for lice first before you go out to buy Lice shampoo. There is an opportunity you could save money and enjoy the outcome. Write down any tips and trick that worked this time so you know how to get rid of head lice infestation the next time.

Reporting the Head Lice Conditions to the School

I understand that if your child has head lice you may think it is a taboo subject. Whether it is or not, proper notification of the places your child has been is much needed. The classroom will be inspected for infestation and the children's hair will be searched. It does not matter if you do everything at home and don't notify the school. The infestation of lice will come back, because of the chances your child spreads them the all of the other children before you knew they had the head lice. The school will urge the children to stay home until they have remedied the situation.