Do you know what to do when you suddenly have a really bad headache and you want it gone fast? There is a headache remedy out there that will work for you and work fast, you just need to find out what works best for you.

Many people take ibuprofen or aspirin as their headache remedies, but this isn't the best treatment for everyone. These can cause stomach problems with some people and others have medical issues and can't take either of these.

A very relaxing warm bath will help to quickly reduce some symptoms and give you great headache relief. If you are able too, lower the lights. Maybe use a nightlight or candle light. Just lay back in a comfortable position and have your eyes closed.

Also try massaging your temples and head. Many times, headaches are brought on by stress. A massage is a wonderful headache remedy. When you have a lot of stress, your muscles with tighten up.

The massage will work them loose and help get rid of the stress in your muscles. By having the muscles in your shoulders and neck massaged, along with the base of your skull, your muscles will relax and your pain will go away.

These headache remedies will work best if someone else does them for you, yet if there isn't anyone you can do them for yourself.

Did you know that almost 80% of Americans don't drink enough water and are to some degree dehydrated? And because those with bad headaches will hardly eat or drink anything, this just makes the situation worse.

No matter the degree, dehydration will cause headaches. All you have to do is drink plenty of water and you will find that your headache will go away.

So, if you think this may be the cause, make sure you drink enough during the day and you shouldn't be bothered by headaches any more. Another great headache remedy is acupressure.

For relief just squeeze a fleshy area near the pain between your fingers for about 5 minutes. You can also try gently rubbing in small circles the small indentations that are in front of the ears. Try some of these natural headache remedies and get some much needed relief.