No more headaches would be great wouldn't it!

In the past they had a major effect in how I was living, trying to do your best work is so hard when having a bad headache. Nowadays it is hardly easy to stay up with all those changes to the work environment and it's not made easier by battling with yet another headache.

It seemed likely that some headaches resulted from stress at work or being hunched over the computer keyboard even though you know about "workstation set up" with regard to positioning of seat and computer.

So it was particularly upsetting just when you wanted to enjoy the weekend a headache worse than during the working week started, even after taking painkillers there was nothing I could do but lie down in a dark room until the pain had subsided after several hours. It often meant the time to relax was gone and it was soon back to work, without feeling as though I had had a proper rest.

Does any of this ring true with you?

Headaches are seldom caused by serious illness, but they obviously can indicate a serious problem, so get it checked out for peace of mind. A headache by itself is a symptom, not a disease, sometimes it is not easy to find the cause, but the impact on a person's life is often significant.

Don't you like taking headache tablets constantly? You may be right not to!

There is now evidence to show headache tablets and other painkilling medication can actually cause you to have headaches termed "rebound headaches", they seem to be the result of withdrawal symptoms.

It isn't like addiction in the same way as heroine for example, although addiction to painkillers does happen, but withdrawal headaches may be possible for several days after using them regularly. Which might cause you to look to painkillers again, creating the vicious circle effect! It will vary depending on the type of painkiller and the person concerned but if you take medication 3 or 4 times a week it may cause a problem.

So how did I manage to change things for myself ?

There were some simple answers when I found them and the same was true of the headache relief and headache cures. A few simple changes to my life made all the difference. The changes were easy to incorporate, I barely think about them now and so I have forgotten to perform them for a while, until the headaches returned.

Learning about headaches and their likely triggers was the first stage, then using this information as somewhere to start I was able to observe and record information particular to my headaches. I was then able to determine that eating chocolate late at night just before going to bed was likely to trigger a migraine headache the following day, I could still eat chocolate just not late at night! Avoiding this combination almost completely stopped further migraine headaches and with a few easy to do and quick exercises other tension headaches were just as amazingly reduced too.

One way to help you find what triggers your headaches is to keep a headache diary, this will make it easier to see if there's a pattern to your headaches that you might otherwise miss.

Non-Medicinal Headache Relief

 Depending on the type of headache and its cause applying heat or cold to the neck and head can bring you some relief, this can be done using a moist hot or cold towel. For convenience it is now possible to buy a special headbands for this purpose, these utilize re-usable gel packs.

Don't despair, you can find better ways to treat headaches!