HeadachesHeadaches: How to Get Rid Of Them

Headaches! They can ruin your day. You can wake up with one or develop one as you day unfolds. There are several causes for headaches. It may be that you've eaten something that triggered it, didn't get enough sleep or you may be under too much stress and you body response by giving you a headache.

In this article you will get several tips on how to get rid of them and continue a day free of headaches. It's hard to be productive when your head hurts and there are several simple solutions that can help you.

Things You Will Need

Aspirin or Other Pain Relievers. There are simple things you can keep in the house that can help you. There is the common use of pain relievers like Aspirin. Two Aspirin will usually do the trick for regular headaches. I would caution you about taking them every day.

I have two friends who were told to take Aspirin every day after surgery and both of them ended up with Stomach Ulcers. Aspirin does work, but you should not take it every day.

Lavender Oil. Lavender oil is natural and works for me. You can purchase it online or at your local health food store. Just put a drop on your temples. Peppermint oil is supposed to work too, but it made my eyes teary and with just being near my eyes, they stung. I've also heard that Lavender oil can also be placed on your pillow or behind your ears.

Lemons. Lemons can also be a good item for combating headaches. Adding the juice of the lemon to Green Tea is a remedy that has been used over the centuries as a headache cure.

Sleep. If your headache is bad. It's often helpful to just go back to bed. A cold wet washcloth over your eyes can help. Rest is also helpful in addition to pain relievers or any of the other tips in this article. It's good to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep.

Acupressure Points. There are several acupressure points that can help. Try holding both the bridge of your nose. You want to use a firm touch and hold it for a minute or two. You can also try small circular motions in the direction of your eyes

There are other acupressure points that can help located on the back of your head. Place both hands on your head and then, with your thumbs, locate the little depressions at the bottom of your skull. It's located around 2 inches from the middle of the back of you neck. Press till you feel no more than a comfortable pain, then hold the pressure while you knead the points in very small circular motions for a couple minutes.
Headaches aren't fun, but there are a few things we can do to get rid of them, or avoid them altogether. A good diet and a consistent exercise program will help you handle the stress that often causes headaches. If there are certain foods that trigger a headache for you... try to avoid them.

Tips & Warnings

Once more... aspirin and drugs can help in the short term for getting rid of headaches, but don't use them every day. You could damage your stomach. I would be very cautious with taking man made chemicals.