Heading towards the future with one foot in the past

While most people are marching head first into the future. I can not help looking over my shoulder to the past we are leaving behind. In the future, there will be tremendous changes in technology, possibly reducing the hardships of the human experience. Advancing technology is a wondrous thing. I will admit that I have my fair share of modern Gadgets. Some I would not give up without a fight. However, I think it is a mistake to leave behind most of the knowledge that got us where we are today.

The future

I am in awe with the advances I have seen just over the last decade. My imagination can not even grasp the changes we could see in the next. Science fiction movies from the past look more like reality in a not so distant future. I believe a day where cars run on clean energy is remarkably close. One day, with the help of medical advances there could be a cure for Aids and Alzheimer's. Crime solving will see many changes thanks to the technology that is so rapidly advancing. Technology has made life easier, cheaper and safer. Some say the future looks bright.

The past

Life was harder in the past. Much of time spent was in the pursuit of food. Working hard with your hands was the norm, not the exception. People knew how to do things for themselves. Many of the things we take for granted today were life and death necessities. Day to day life was about survival not leisure.

Blending past with future

Instead of blindly trusting that the future can only bring positive experiences, I believe we need to merge the best of the future with the best of the past. We should insure that knowledge to make things for ourselves continues. Nine out of ten people would have no clue how to make a bar of soap, bake a loaf of bread or field dress a wound. Each generation, as things became automated knowledge was lost.

Using technology to bring the past into the future

My Grandparents lived on a farm until later in life when they moved to Denver. I remember they had a root cellar filled with canned foods. My Grandma cooked homemade German meals. They were very frugal because they had lived through the hard times of The Great Depression. My Grandparents died before I could learn from them. I ask my Dad sometimes what it was like growing up on the farm. My Dad left the farm when he was quite young. He does not remember much of the everyday things he learned on the farm. I wish I could have had time to learn all the things they could have taught me.
Instead, I use the modern technology that I have at my finger tips. Google is my number one tool. When I wanted to learn how to make soap I did a Google search. I looked over many excellent websites until I was ready to tackle the task. I am proud to say that I can successfully make a batch of soap that is better than any bar I have ever bought. Thanks to one on my favorite blogs I can make homemade laundry soap that costs pennies on the dollar compared to Tide. YouTube taught me how to bake bread like the pros. I ordered a book on Amazon to learn about gardening. If I ever get a crop large enough, I will continue my Grandparents tradition and can my extra produce. I am confident that when I am ready with a push of the button I find the instructions. I plan on passing down what I learn, hopefully my kids will want to learn what I have to share before it is too late.