Understanding the Origins of Illness

The following messages were channeled to me from my spirit guides in the form of a question and answer dialogue. Please visit my other articles if you would like to read more spirit guide messages or check out A Book of Insight.

Before we understand healing, we must understand illness and its origin. Many times have you heard that disease is dis-ease. That is, the soul being in a state of dis-ease. When you are not centered within your Source, it brings about a state of unease which is also dis-ease. This is where many of our illnesses and diseases originate. When your soul experiences constant upheaval with no release or comfort, it begins to fester within your organic body and many diseases can result.

What are the origins of our illnesses? What can cause them?

Mental conditioning and states of mind can cause illnesses. Your thoughts affect your body because all is energy, and it all interacts with each other. Some illnesses are caused by unresolved issues that are submerged without remedy. These issues fester like a boil that grows and eventually bursts. Such is illness. If some issues would be scrutinized, analyzed, and resolved, then the illness brought on by the issues would cure itself. Some illnesses are contracted by the soul before birth as part of the soul’s learning journey. Some of these are assumed to teach lessons to others.

These illnesses may be to teach the parent a greater lesson in love, and they are not necessarily terminal. Many times these illnesses are corrected by medical professionals, and sometimes these illnesses are contracted for the lifetime of the soul. Many people carry anger, hurt, or negative beliefs throughout their lives.  These negative emotions can begin to manifest themselves as illnesses within the organic body. Make yourselves understand that your journey here is for the purpose of spiritual growth, and such growth entails many lessons through many situations.

You spoke earlier, of our thoughts and beliefs resulting in material manifestations. You also say that our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions affect our health.

Yes, they do, and how they affect your lives is quite simple. Emotions carry energy attached to them, and this energy affects your organic bodies. Negative emotions have a negative impact on your bodies, right down to the cellular level. Every cell is affected by emotions and beliefs. Your thoughts are energized by the magnetism that flows throughout us all. This energy’s flow is determined by the quality of your thoughts, and beliefs supporting these thoughts. It can be positive, or negative, or simply neutral. If you continue to generate negative thoughts, as well as negative emotions surrounding these thoughts, they can in time, affect your body quite negatively also, and in time, this can fester into illness and disease. Your organic body is susceptible to the quality of your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, for it too is comprised of the same energy that powers these thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. It is only logical that over a period of time it will succumb to these negative influences by expressing illness.

How do you explain babies and children who have life threatening illnesses? How could their thoughts and beliefs have affected their health? They seem too young for this possibility.

Yes. These souls have made an arrangement to have an illness to help another soul in his or her learning journey. It could be that this child never intended to live out a full life, but came into the world to teach his or her parents a valuable lesson for their own growth and learning, making it a journey of growth and understanding for all who may have been affected by the child’s illness.

There are many paths of learning and many methods that help to instill lessons and learning for the souls involved in any given situation. Meditation will help to clear any confusion you have, but remember that a lesson is best learned upon reflection and may not always make sense at the time that an event is occurring. You might believe that it is tragic that a child assumes an illness or life threatening disease in order to impart a lesson, but it would be more tragic if the lesson was missed altogether. Remember that the tragedy lies in your reality only, but not in the greater reality that exists. The greater consciousness understands the true purpose of each soul’s journey, and lessons learned for these souls are cause for celebration on the other side. If the lesson would be wasted, then what purpose was there for such a soul who must reincarnate to learn the lesson again? Love is the ultimate calling, and love imparts many lessons through many forms and situations in your reality. A lesson acquired is not a tragedy if it is well assimilated. Tragedies occur when the soul refuses to grow back towards love and Source.

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Positive Living

What do you mean by positive living?

Live well. Do not indulge in foods that are not real, such as artificial man made products, for they are altered and not compatible with your organic composition. Make sure that what you ingest is compatible with your body’s organic composition.

Mankind has been given all that he requires for the maintenance and sustenance of his organic body. You have many times been creative with that which you have been given, and through this creativity, you have invented many cuisines and food products. These are mainly healthy, but there are many of your food products that we would urge you to eliminate because they are unhealthy and detrimental to the lifespan of your organic body. We would urge you to eliminate synthetic foods and foods that have been manipulated and stripped of their vitamins and nutrients. Some examples of these foods include white flour, white sugar, and such foods that would fall into these categories. Synthetic sweeteners also fall into these categories. If you adhere to natural organic products that the Source has provided for you, you will notice an improvement in your health and an extension in the longevity of your lives.

When it comes to the matter of diet, are you better off ingesting a plant based diet versus an animal based diet?

No, not necessarily. Fish is good for you. Unfortunately, your fish are being polluted. How often, in the distant past, have you come across diseased fish? Diseased fish are a by-product of mankind’s diseased living, and treatment of his environment. Make your diet varied, and include as much healthy food as possible. Red meat should be eliminated. Make it a habit to include all the nutrients that your body requires.

There are those of us who no longer eat meat. Can we lead healthy lives while cutting out this source of protein?

Yes. Be sure to substitute other protein sources, and supplement your diet with the vitamins and minerals that this meat would have provided you with.

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Healing Method

Going back again to thoughts and belief systems; if changing our beliefs and thoughts help to heal our illnesses, how exactly does this work?

When you alter your beliefs and emotions and affect the lesson that you are to learn, this affects the organic cellular level of your body and can affect a cure. Just as negative thoughts and emotions can cause illness, affirmative and positive change can reverse illness. There are many ways to avoid these ill states of the body and soul, and if you begin to practice these methods, you can maintain a healthy level of body and soul.

Meditation is by far the best way to ease and maintain your body and soul. Just as you use meditation to alter your belief systems and attract experiences into your life, meditation can also be used to bring forth a state of good health and to heal the body and soul.

When you are meditating, focus on the white light entering your body and flowing through every portion of it. Focus on white light entering through your breath and filling your lungs. As your breath fills your lungs, also focus on drawing the white light into your entire body. Visualize it filling every part of your body, and visualize it healing every part of you. As you exhale, visualize the badness in your body being exhaled as darkness exiting your body. Practice this visualization with every breath; light entering and healing your body and darkness exiting and taking impurities and illness with it. Practice this until all impurities have left your lungs and until you visualize white light entering and white light exiting. Always focus on good health as you do this meditation. Do not focus on ridding bad health, but attaining good health. Focusing on bad health will attract bad health. Focusing on good health will attract good health. Meditate every day. Make it a habit and it will become a natural part of your life. Make a list of the healthy habits you want to adopt, and make it a point to focus on these habits during the meditation process.

Healing can take place at any point in an illness’ progression. It depends on a strong connection to the Source and a belief in the illness’ ability to be cured. If the recipient does not take an open view of the process, it is almost impossible to affect the illness to heal. In other words, if the recipient does not believe in the possibility of being healed then he is not attracting good health.

You state that healing can take place at any point in an illness’ progression. How can this happen? What should a person be doing to promote healing?

Meditate on changing your beliefs, emotions, and life for the better. Have a positive outlook, and utilize visualization as part of the healing process. If you can get to the root of what is affecting your life and resolve the issue, it can resolve the illness. Many times there have been spontaneous remissions and cures because the person made a great realization and achieved a great resolution in his life.

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