Healing Natural Oils - Buy Health Oil for Sleep and Stress

Healing natural oils are the essential oils of plants used for their medicinal properties. The healing powers of these oils come from the type of plant they originated from. Long or not so long ago, during simpler times when inhabitants of the early earth didn't have medical insurance or real doctors, when individuals weren't required to swallow pills or take drugs, people solely depended on herbs to treat injuries and ailments. They benefited from the abundant healing natural oils from Mother Nature's hearth for free. Healing natural oils bring us back to those times, it's just that today the oils of these herbs are repacked to be hassle free. By using healing natural oils one can engage in a healthier lifestyle, given that the product is authentically pure, organic and all natural.

Different plants have different uses. There are uses that are based on the different properties and chemical compositions of the plant. Man seeks to find what these properties are and try to create a harmonious blend with the physiological needs of the human body. After all, some plants do have healing natural oils.

How it works

Healing natural oils commonly enter the body either through the skin or through the nose. Oils absorbed through the skin and hair follicles then enter the bloodstream then circulate through the body. Air molecules in the scent also enter the bloodstream but via the nose.


Smells have been proven to have an effect on a person's mood, health and cognitive function. Pleasing scents are able to alleviate anxiety, lessen depression, relieve stress, promotes healing and gives the user a sense of relaxation. Aromatherapy has antiviral and antibacterial properties. The healing natural oils of lavender and chamomile are hot commodities that satisfy and uplift well-being. The process of making essential oils is quite expensive, so most fragrances of products are made synthetic and do not use real, organic ingredients in producing the oil. They might smell like the real thing but they won't have the healing capabilities as those of the original. At worst, the chemicals used may cause allergic reactions and even harm the user. So caution is advised. Authentic essential oils can be found in bottles in various health shops and online shops. A six-bottle set will cost you about 19-24 dollars.

External Application

Different herbs can treat different injuries. Healing natural oil products are specifically created to target specific conditions. Below are a few herbs with natural healing oils.

Malunggay or Moringa Oleifera is known to treat open wounds. This tree is native in India and has spread to various tropical regions. In the Philippines, it is common to find these trees in most backyards. The leaves of this plant are washed amd crushed, to release the oil and applied to an open wound. The plant is proven effective because of significant amounts of Beta-Sitosterol, Iodine, Kaempferol, Oleic Acid, Pterygosperin, Quercetin and Tocopherol all of which contribute to assisting of healing wounds. Since this plant grows in specific countries it would be hard to get your hands on one. But through international manufacturing, the oil is available to the whole world.

Marmot or marmota bobak is a traditional cure used in the Austrian Alps. The oil comes from the skin of wild marmots which can be found in Siberia. This healing natural oil is rich in triglycerides and unsaturated fatty acids. It also has high a concentration of natural cortisone and has outstanding anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. It is popularly used in treating skin problems, aching joints, rheumatic conditions and arthritis.

Castor oil or cod liver healing natural oils not only come from plants but also from other organic matter. Castor oil can be used to help reduce scars. And like any oil, it can moisturize the skin keeping it nourished. This can also help in battling mites and lice. The presence of castor oil smothers and suffocates these parasites.

Lemongrass is used for numbing pain, lemon eucalyptus is for relieving pain, ylang-ylang or rose is for lowering the blood pressure, and peppermint and basil are good for headaches. The list can go on without end. Most conditions have corresponding healing natural oils as their remedy. These wondrous herbs and their oils are created to target specific ailments. With hundreds of varieties to choose from, illness can be treated and prevented through healthy means. Healing natural oils offer herbal remedies that are all-natural. There are still many herbs out there with properties unknown. Here's to looking ahead to the brighter future of healing natural oils.