Most people who care about their health don't just want to know about maintaining good health or even curing their health problems SIMPLY with pharmaceuticals, many want to know about foods as well, including super fruit health benefits. Noni is in fact that super fruit, which also comes with a ton of drama, as a few people in both lay and scientific circles calling noni juice an over promising over hyped scam.

Is Noni Juice a Scam?

 Is it too hard for people to believe in both scientific and non scientific circles that one fruit can do so much to possibly heal the body and maintain good health? How can one little fruit bearing tree indigenous to Asia and Australia cause so much rumbling?

It could be that serious scientific circles, including the NIH, National Institute of Health, don't like companies making sweeping generalizations with limited or non conclusive research results. Some proponents of pure tahitian noni argue that these types of super fruits high in antioxidants remove people's reliance on traditional pharmaceuticals. And these proponents believe that traditional pharmaceutical companies and indirectly research institutions like the NIH make big money on public's use and reliance on phramaceutical drugs.

What's actually true is that noni juice proponents and government researches can agree on some things regarding the health benefits of Noni.

Where Science and Noni Juice Proponents Can Agree On Health Benefits

 Noni Juice and Physical Endurance:

 Some preliminary research shows some linkage between noni juice consumption and physical endurance both in laboratory mice and athletes. This in effect even suggests that the average person may get some benefit out of exercising longer, thereby maximizing their calorie expulsion just by drinking this super fruit juice.

 The Super Fruit in Lowering Free Radicals in Smokers:

A few studies have examined people that had been given Noni juice. The results showed that the DNA adducts had been reduced as well as the fact that free radicals had been reduced in blood samples of heavy smokers.

 What Others Love about Noni Health Juice

Health Benefits - Noni Health JuiceCredit: roadman22 - flicker

While there may not be seemingly much that science and noni juice proponents can agree about when it comes to the benefits of such super fruits. Noni juice lovers and those who have had much benefits from drinking the juice can all agree on many benefits. Many people who swear by this super fruit would have you believe that noni juice cures. Here are just a few:







weight issues related to a low metabolism


Noni Juice Dangers

Though many people would suggest that there are more things to celebrate with Noni than not, it is important to know that there are some dangers which have been linked to noni. Some include taking noni juice in large quantities particularly those with kidney disease. Those on blood pressure medication should also be warned that drinking large quantities of Noni juice could result in Hyperkalemia. This occurs when blood potassium levels are too high.

The benefits to Noni juice for most far outweigh what the science community is warning against – which is believing that this health juice is a fix all to one's ailments. All seem to agree, there is some benefit to consuming noni in reasonable quantities.