Rosehip Vital treatment for arthritis

If you have a dog that suffers from Rheumatism or Arthritis then this article may help your dog enjoy a better healthier lifestyle. Like us humans, many of our dogs suffer over the years from all sorts of aches and pains.

As a pup dogs’ race around either chasing balls or different toys and their owners often don’t realise at the time the strain and damage this does to our dogs’ legs. I have learned this from personal experience. Our Blue Heeler like all working dogs have one pace and that is flat out, which over time this has caused him to limp.

As they race after a ball they often try to stop or change direction in a flash which has damaged the joints in our dogs’ front legs when twisting. One leg more than the other now has a slight curve.

We have tried all sorts of medication suggested by the vets. We also put him on fish oil capsules which we thought would help. This did not appear to prevent his limp.

Rosehip Vital advertised on TV

After seeing an advertisement on TV we decided to try the Rose-hip Vital capsules.

We are so glad we did as he no longer shows any signs of the limp. Although we still lift him down out of the car and off the bed. Plus we have a small long cushion on the floor of our caravan that he can jump down onto to cushion his fall if he jumps down himself during the night.

We have tried to keep him off the chairs but old habits are hard to change. So anything we can do to help is well worth that extra effort.

Dosage for your dog

Note: Be guided by your vetenerian as to the correct dosage for your dog.

We gave our Blue Heeler dog 3 capsules every morning for three weeks then reduced it to two a day. After the third week we saw a difference, he still limped on occasion but no where near as much. After four weeks the limping virtually stopped.

He has now been on them for three months and he is an entirely different dog. Back to his old self and that is great considering he is now twelve years old.

Rose-hip vital comes in a variety of forms. We use the capsules because it is easier for us while traveling although you could use the powder in the same way I believe. 

What is Rose-hip Vital?

Rose-hip is made from the flowers of dead roses, one hundred per cent pure natural rosehip fruit and is a clinically tested anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant which will help with the following:

  • Increase joint mobility
  • Improve Osteoarthritis symptoms
  • Improve sleep when affected by joint discomfort
  • Temporarily relieve the pain of Osteoarthritis, Arthritis and Rheumatism
  • Improve the symptoms of lower back pain
  • Relieve inflammation and joint swelling

Rosehips go through a special drying process, with a level of GOPO which should help with inflammation and joint swelling. Rosehip also contains a natural source of Vitamin C.

Benefits of Rose-hip Vital for humans

Rosehip is also great for use with the above symptoms in humans as well.


We always buy our Rose-hip Vital in the normal pharmacies. We buy the one for humans and he has benefited so much from this it is incredible.

Note: We did ask the Pharmacist if these were ok to give to our dog and he said yes. So personally I have not bought the ones specifically made for dogs, so cannot comment on the difference.

Our Titan just gulps these down as they are a lot smaller to consume than the fish oil capsules too, which is great for us.