There are many health benefits to following a food pairing diet and many variations if you put a little time into researching what to eat when and with. In fact many of the benefits are probably even more significant than you realize.

Pairing foods strategically has long been understood to be a practice that both enhances taste and design however for millennia pairing foods has also taken shape as a means of enhancing the health and well being of the general population.

Seemingly without even realizing it most every ethnic culture has a group of traditional fare that form the foundations of a well balanced and refined food pairing diet. They naturally developed like that for a reason.

Health Benefits Of Food Pairing

Paring Healthy FoodFor instance in many Asian cultures seafood dishes including fish, seaweed, and other ocean delicacies go well together in both taste and health benefits. The Mediterranean diet is well known to be one of the healthiest diets in the world and it is also a mix of traditional pairings including veggies, olives, legumes, and seafood. Even Spanish cultures follow food pairing diets with their rich mix of rice, beans, and corn.

Ever since food scientists began studying the scientific effects of foods and healthy pairings many of the synergies started to become clear. Fish and olive oil both contribute to healthy hearts while veggies and legumes added just the right mix of vitamins and antioxidants for human health.

In America however we do not have a traditional base of foods which have developed over centuries. As a result our diet is a hodge-podge of foods from around the world including vast amounts of convenience items produced in our modern culture. As a result synergies are not natural and they are often lacking and our health suffers for this.

American's have also taken up the habit of over eating, eating too many eggs and meats and saturated fats. We are growing obese and our health is suffering. American diets do nothing to prevent plaque in arteries, they increase the normal blood sugar range for adults to unhealthy levels, and they increase our rate of obesity, risk factors for stroke, and heart disease.

Better paired synergistic diets need to become more of a focus as time tested pairing addresses many of the ills we suffer from today.

Food scientists have also started to identify many pairings that are less obvious but very powerful. Even if you don't take up traditional food pairing ethnic diets you can benefits from some of the breakthroughs in food science.

The health benefits of turmeric for instance is quite striking when the spice is paired with black pepper. The benefits of eating broccoli and tomatoes are exponentially increased when the two vegetables are consumed at the same time. Pairing healthy fats like avocado with foods containing fat soluble vitamins is a no-brainer however many generations ago these pairings were not known.

The health benefits of following a synergistic diet are significant and should not be overlooked. Even if you are the healthiest person you know you can probably improve your health even more by simply eating the same foods you already eat with each other in different ways. Enjoy you food and enjoy your health; pairing is not just for wine.