The Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

Benefits Of Bee Pollen

Many people have heard of the many bee pollen health benefits.  You may wonder if it’s really true that using natural bee pollen for allergies and other conditions can really work.  Well, don’t stop reading. You can learn all about the benefits of bee pollen and just how good it really is for you.

Let us begin with what bee pollen is. It has been found to contain trace amounts of vitamins and minerals, in addition to a very high content of protein and carbohydrates. It is not found in your regular daily diet, but in nutritional supplements and certain herbal medicine products of Chinese origin.

Bee pollen is said to contain approximately 90 or more nutrients and the best part is they are all necessary for sustaining human life. It contains around 40 percent protein and the body can use nearly all of it without having to break it down or metabolize it.

There are many bee pollen health benefits that have been known to man for literally thousands of years. Chinese herbal medicine used it extensively as does apitherapy and this knowledge has spread in a big way to the western world.  Aside from it's use in bee pollen allergy treatment, pollen can be useful in numerous other ways such as bee pollen fertility benefits which are just being studied.  Many other bee products also have remarkable health benefits.  You can read here about the health benefits of bee propolis and organic royal jelly as well as the combined effects of honey and cinnamon.

Organic Bee Pollen Health Benefits Include:

  • The proteins, vitamins (B, C, D, and E) beta carotene, calcium, selenium, magnesium, mono and poly unsaturated fats and nucleic acids among others contained in pollen have all been proven to effectively strengthen the immune system.
  • It is no secret that we live in a world filled with stress stemming from a variety of reasons. Bee pollen contains a full complement of essential fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins that help regulate moods and control stress.
  • Bee pollen has been known to help people build a resistance to pollen allergies due to the traces of hay fever trigger substances it contains. Allergists sometimes prescribe a bee pollen allergy treatment to lower the person’s sensitivity to pollen, sometimes in conjuncture with acupuncture.  It is best to purchase local bee pollen produced in your area if you are using bee pollen for allergies.
  • Athletes have been known to use bee pollen supplements to increase their energy and stamina. There are no actual studies to confirm this, but the range of nutrients it contains is thought to be effective in helping athletes who are continually depleting their nutrient resources.
  • Bee pollen has the ability to help in weight loss – it rectifies the chemical imbalance that overweight people appear to have.

Pollen Health BenefitsWhile the health benefits are numerous, there are no reported side effects of bee pollen but it is not recommended for people who suffer from bee allergies or are known to be sensitive to bee venom. Bee pollen can be easily purchased online in capsule or tablet form.   The Source Naturals pollen pictured here is available on Amazon. 

If you can find a local beekeeper in your area who sells pollen that would be ideal.  This is a particularly good idea if you are interested in taking bee pollen for allergies as the local pollen should prove more effective since it was collected from flowers in your local area and is more likely to protect you against allergic reactions to the local flowers and pollens you come into contact with the most.  Most of us aren't fortunate enough to know a local beekeeper we can buy from though so the next best thing is to be pollen in tablet or capsule form online from a trusted company.

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