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Most people do not see coffee in good light, and this is due to the unpleasant remarks about it. There are so many write-up and journals published to attest that coffee is dangerous to health. If you say these remarks do not affect your view of coffee, then you are one of the few people who know something about what I am about to show you.

Coffee is not totally harmful!

It is a very honest statement. I’m not saying that to convince you to buy coffee from me. To start with, many people do not know that coffee helps to slow down the signs of aging, are you surprised? Well, you are in for more surprises.

In a research conducted by New England Journal of Medicine, they studied a set of people who drank about 2 to 4 cups of coffee a day for a period of thirteen years, they observed that the chances of dying of any disease condition reduced by 10 to 15 percent. I bet that is also surprising too! Wait, there is more surprise.

But before I continue, let us take a detour into where coffee got its power from.

Where does Coffee get its power from?

Coffee is very rich in caffeine and anti-oxidants. The caffeine helps you to stay alert and helps relieve headache and stress, while the anti-oxidants helps to fight free radicals that cause aging and cancer. Apart from caffeine, coffee also has some unknown, potent stimulants, that makes the body secrete enzymes cortisone and adrenaline. These enzymes help to fight of drowsiness.

Other Health Benefits of Coffee.

Like I said earlier, coffee reduces the chances of dying of diseases, especially diseases aggravated by aging. coffee is able to fight these diseases due to its caffeine content, here is a few of the disease conditions that coffee helps to improve:

  • Cognitive disorder
  • Migraine
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Headache
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Gout
  • Constipation
  • Plaque
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cancer (of the oesophagus, mouth, colon and rectum)
  • Pains
  • Cirrhosis of the liver
  • Cancer of the liver
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Dementia
  • Gallstones
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Gall bladder disease

The list continues, but I just have to leave it at that, so it doesn’t seem to you like a fairy tale. By drinking between 2 to 5 cups of cups a day, you can gain the benefits listed above.

What is a Decaffeinated Coffee?

This means removing caffeine from coffee. You must not remove caffeine from your coffee. If you do this, the coffee will no longer be able to grant you the benefits that you want.

Like they say, There are two sides to a coin...

When I started out with this article, I mentioned that some people campaign against coffee, they have reasons for it, and their reasons cannot be ruled out as frivolous, they are actually, true to an extent. Here is a couple of side effect of excessive coffee intake.

  • Addiction: It is very easy to get addicted to the caffeine content of coffee. But that is not unique to coffee alone, there is equal chance of caffeine addiction in soda and soft drinks too, and coffee is more beneficial to you than those.
  • Psychological Changes: Prolonged excessive use of coffee can result in aggression, anxiety and withdrawal.
  • Loss of Sleep: Some people use coffee to stay awake, but there are cases where coffee will not allow you get a restful sleep.
  • Cholesterol: According to a 2007 study by the Baylor College of Medicine, there are some enzymes in coffee which makes the body to store up cholesterol. But they have fixed the problem for us, we can remove these enzymes with filter paper.

What Doze of Coffee is Healthy?

Too much of most things is bad for you, and so is excessive coffee intake. Physicians advice that, to get the benefits of coffee and cut the chances of suffering the side effects, 4 or fewer cups of coffee a day is just right.

Those who should not take Coffee.

  • Ulcer and Gastritis Patients: People living with these diseases stand a risk of aggravating their condition if they take coffee.
  • Pregnant Women:Caffeine is transferable from mother to foetus. Foetus cannot dispose coffee off as well as adults and so it could harm them.

Now with this summary of the benefits and side effects of drinking Coffee, you can see for yourself if you should or should not drink coffee. But from my personal point of view, I think the benefits of coffee is more than its downside effects, or what do you think?