Tulsi tea is one of the most popular variants of tea available in India. Because Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil) is a rich source of natural medicine that can cure many kinds of illnesses, Hindus in India have a tradition of worshipping the Tulsi plant. Tulsi is blessed with manifold health benefits. Let us understand how effective Tulsi is in curing wide range of ailments.

Fever and Common Cold
Since hundreds of decades the leaves of Tulsi have been used for treating fevers. During the monsoon, fever, common cold and lethal diseases like malaria and dengue are on high. In India, patients who suffer from such health conditions are advised to drink juice extracted from Tulsi leaves. Even chewing Tulsi leaves can greatly help in lowering cold and flu.

Tulsi is considered to be a powerful stress relieving agent. Just by chewing Tulsi leaves, you can easily prevent the stress from taking a toll on you. It eliminates all the impurities present in the blood and heals related ailments.

Oral infections and teeth disorder
Mouth ulcer can be treated very quickly by chewing a few leaves of Tulsi. It is very useful in curing teeth disorders. To get rid of bacterial attacks such plaque, tartar, cavities, etc on your teeth, you can simply apply the powder of the sundried Tulsi leaves on your teeth and brush. It will considerably help in improving your dental health. It helps in making your gums strong. Also, you will become from bad breath.

Skin disorders
Since long ago, Tulsi extracts have been used for washing face as it promotes healthy skin. Tulsi leaves juice can be directly applied on your skin if you are suffering from skin disorders like ringworm, eczema and other problems. It can help in cleansing the skin both internally as well as externally. To cleanse internally, you can consume Tulsi tea and remove all the toxins and free radicals from your body.

When you apply the extracts of Tulsi leaves on your skin, it can serve as a good repellent which will keep you away from attacks from mosquitoes and other insects. Insect bites and stings can be treated effectively with this natural herb. It is treated by applying a paste created from Tulsi leaves on affected areas.

Every now and then, we suffer from headache. If you have been working for long hours or haven’t slept adequately, you can easily suffer from a headache. Whenever you suffer from a headache, you can sip on a cup of Tulsi tea and replenish your senses. Your headache will disappear within minutes with a simple and natural method. You can even directly apply the paste of Tulsi extracts and sandalwood on your forehead. The moment you apply it, you will experience cooling sensation.

Coughs, sore throat and respiratory disorder
Whether you suffer from asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis, or just normal cough, expectorants and cough syrups made up of Tulsi can help in mobilizing the mucus.. If you suffer from a bad throat, you can drink boiled water that contains Tulsi extracts. You can even use the solution to gargle to clear your sore throat. Tulsi does well in clearing up the chest congestion and allows you to breathe normally. Tulsi extracts is usually mixed with honey and ginger to treat all kinds of respiratory disorder.

Kidney stone
Tulsi tea helps in strengthening the kidney and renal muscles. If you are suffering from renal stone, you can drink the juice extracted from Tulsi leaves and mix it with honey. No matter how large the stone may be, by drinking the solution prepared with Tulsi leaves for a period of six months, the stone can be broken down and eliminated from our body through the urinary tract.

Heart disorder
If you suffered an heart attack or have any other cardiac disorder, you should consume Tulsi leaves or drink Tulsi tea regularly. It helps in improving the supply of blood to the heart and thereby keeps your heart healthy and strong. It also plays in important role in lowering the levels of blood cholesterol.

Tulsi tea is a naturally prepared tea from Tulsi leaves. It does not contain caffeine and it can even help in increasing your metabolism. So, if you are concerned about your overall health, buy a Tulsi tea today!


Tulsi tea
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