Green leafy vegetables are a major part of any vegetarian diet. Eating more high quality vegetable nutrition is important not only for vegetarians but for anyone concerned about health and eating well. Medical advice typically advocates eating at least five servings of fruit and vegetables per day. The official alkaline diet, promotes the need to consume alkaline greens. Green alkaline vegetables are simply any green leafs, e.g. spinach. The idea behind the diet is that the typical Western diet is made up of too many acidic foods. To combat the negative health effects this has upon the body it suggests we consume alkaline foods, in particular organic green vegetables. These provide a ton of nutrition and minerals as well as neutralizing the harmful effects of too many acid foods. Followers of the alkaline diet consume lots of fruit and vegetables every day. There are many reasons to eat fresh fruit and vegetable produce on a daily basis. Alkaline greens help improve overall health and help increase our well being. Consuming alkaline green drinks can prevent us from becoming sick. It has been shown that an alkaline diet helps in the reduction of bone loss. Others make claims that it can help with serious physical illnesses as well as mental illness such as depression.

The alkaline acid diet is concerned with the pH balance of the body. We can achieve an improved balance by consuming alkaline foods. A high alkaline foods diet is one that involves eating alkaline and acidic foods at a ratio of 80/20 alkaline to acid. A simple way to alkalize the body is to eat green alkaline foods and drink green alkaline drinks. Alkaline greens, in particular leafy green vegetables have high levels of nutrition and minerals and are effective in alkalizing the body. Reducing the amount of acid produced in the body from eating an acidic Western diet is one way to improve athletic performance. Green alkaline food and drinks provides a general feeling of well being. Eating a high alkaline diet is primarily about healthy eating. This diet is not particularly about weight loss. It certainly can be used as part of a weight loss plan. However the main ideas behind the official alkaline diet are improving health and how we feel. Green alkaline juices are one way to achieve this. Consuming a high alkaline food diet can be used together with an exercise program to make you feel better and provided you are burning more calories than you consume could also be used for weight loss.

There are a many green alkaline drinks that promote health and overall well being. Alkaline green juices can be made from powder or from fresh vegetables. They usually have an earthy taste. Alkaline green drinks while providing tremendous health benefits may not suit your palette. Even if you don't like the taste of green drinks, it is hard to argue that they do not help alkalize the body. There are two main categories of green alkaline drinks, those that you make yourself from fresh vegetables and commercial powdered varieties. One of the most high profile commercial green alkaline drinks is made by a company called Innerlight. Their drink is called Super Greens. It is also available in capsules if you would rather simply swallow the alkaline goodness.

InnerLight SuperGreens is a powdered alkaline green drink. The Super Greens alkaline diet was created by Dr. Robert O. Young. According to the literature, the Inner Light alkaline green formula is made from forty nine different vegetable, grass and grain products. Mixing the powder with alkaline water would be one way to drink it. InnerLight SuperGreens is fairly expensive. This is one of the reasons that I don't use it. Organic ingredients are used in the preparation of Super Greens. This is a definite plus as far as I am concerned. Organic produce is so much safer as we don't have to worry so much about chemical residue on our green produce. The green drink powder is simply concentrated nutrition. The fact that there is such a variety of different greens is a bonus as to buy and prepare that many on a personal basis is almost impossible.

Making your own green alkaline juice requires a bit of effort but is easy once you get into the habit. A fruit and vegetable juicer is a required item to allow you to make your own alkaline green drinks. The kind of juicer required depends on the exact kind of juice to be made. For example, wheatgrass drinks require their own special wheatgrass juicer. For juice made from green leafy vegetables, a masticating juicer or a twin gear juicer, e.g. Green Star GS-1000, is probably the best. These kinds of juicers are particularly suited to leafy vegetables as they chew them up releasing the majority of the liquid contained within the vegetables.

Another major advantage of fruit and vegetable drinks, in this case green juice, is that we don't have to chomp through large amounts of fibrous green vegetables. Rather we are able to extract the goodness into a form much easier to consume. This makes it possible to take on board much greater quantities of vegetable goodness than if we had to eat our way through each serving.

Being or becoming healthy is not something that is particularly difficult. However it certainly is challenging to alkalize your diet. With modern day time pressures it is so easy to skip things like exercise and eating well because we "don't have the time". However this sort of excuse only harms ourselves in the long run. This is another advantage of products like the Innerlight Super Greens preparation. The fact that you can just mix up an alkaline juice quickly anytime without the worry of vegetables going off makes it very suitable for people with hectic lifestyles.