camel(100864)Credit: Flickr ( by xikita )For years we probably spend our time drinking cow milks, expecting it to be one of the milks that can bring most of the health benefit human needs. However, according to some researches, there is another animal whose milk is proved to have more benefits to human than cows'. Believe it or not, but camel milk actually has more benefits for human health than cow milk. Not only it contains three times more vitamin C than it is in cow milk, but it also has ten times more iron. It is also milk that is closest to human mother’s milk. The other important fact is that this camel milk can be natural remedies for many diseases.

A Remedy for Diabetes

Camel milk is happily low in fat. Plus, it also contains a lot of healthy minerals and vitamins for human body. If it is not enough, then we should know that camel milk is actually a great source of insulin. Insulin is a great solution for those who have problem with their diabetes disease. In camel milk, we can expect to get at least a quart of healthy insulin in every liter of the milk. A latest research in level 1 diabetic people found out that consuming camel milk regularly can help to maintain the blood sugar or glycemic under control in a long term.

A Great Source of Autism Remedy

A research published in a health journal in 2005 stated that camel milk can be a great remedy for autism. The research found out that after a four year old girl drank this camel milk continuously every day, her autism was disappeared in 40 days. The other evidence also showed that a 15 year old young boy has been recovered from his autism after 30 days consuming this healthy camel milk. Another research also proved that the autistic people who have been treated with camel milk become calmer and much less self destructive than before. However, there are still insufficient data about the scientific evidence on its effectiveness.

Treating Allergies with Camel Milk

Those with allergies to cow milk and several other foods might find this camel milk very beneficial for their health. Camel milk contains less powerful allergens that are usually found in cow milk, which usually give harm to allergic children. The kids who have been suffered with severe allergies are treated with camel milk . A research found out that 10 children who consume camel milk under the researchers order are gradually recovered from their allergies with no side effect at all. This is due to the disease fighting immunoglobulin that exists in camel milk which plays a role in treating the allergies in people. However, more scientific evidences are needed to prove further effect of this camel milk on human.

There are a number of effects that camel milks can bring to human health. The number of vitamins, minerals, iron, and immunoglobulin it has can help human body to get healthier than what cow milks can bring.