This article provides information about coconut and its oil, and states the various health benefits derivable from coconut oil.

Coconut serves as food with its water serving as a refreshing drink. Coconut can give components such as coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut water or juice. The juice from the immature coconut serves as an excellent and delicious drink.

Processing involves, grating the fleshy part, mixing it with water, and extracting with the use of a sieve or by squeezing with the hand. This is used to flavor soups, sauces, and in the baking of dough. The dried fleshy part can be used to make coconut oil, which can be used for cooking and for making margarine, cookies and ice creams.

Presently, due to ignorance, modern lifestyle inconsistent with nature, refined or over-processed foods, bad eating habits, etc, many degenerative diseases like stroke, heart failure, fibroid, hypertension, cancer, prostrate enlargement in men, arthritis, diabetes, etc, are known to plague the human race. Coconut oil has been said by a medical professional, to be the healthiest of all oils on earth.

Recent research Study has found out that not all the saturated fats and oils do raise the cholesterol level of blood, as was known before. That some saturated oils, of which coconut oil is one of such, that contain medium chain triglycerides do lower the cholesterol level of blood. This type of coconut oil must be termed virgin coconut oil that is coconut oil that knows no processing or changes.

A medical expert revealed that up to 50 percent of fatty acids found in coconut oil, called lauric acid, and is medium chain fatty acids which are same as fats in a breast feeding mother's milk with similar nutrients.

Coconut oil has also been known that consuming coconut oil, causes the lauric component to be converted to monolaurin in the body. That is, the organic component that gives coconut oil its many therapeutic values.

Researchers have shown that coconut oil has many naturally occurring health promoting abilities. Experts have found out that the major fatty acid from the fat of coconut oil has the properties that show it has antiviral, antibacterial, and antiprotozoal functions.

So, ingesting coconut oil, from the above shows that your immune system is definitely going to be boosted, and even chronic diseases like cancer, stroke, hypertension, arthritis, fibroid, diabetes, etc, shall definitely be controlled and cured.

To your healthy living.

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