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Millions of people worldwide would love to indulge in a mug of freshly brewed coffee. If you are among these coffee lovers, then you'd be glad to know that coffee is actually good for your health. Now that this general knowledge is spread, it would be even better to know how to get the full health benefits from drinking brewed coffee.

The Health Benefits

Scientists and researchers have performed studies to prove just how healthy a cup of brewed coffee in the morning can be. The numerous health benefits coffee can give include the prevention of Parkinson's disease and lowering your risks of acquiring diabetes and colon cancer. To add, coffee drinkers can also experience better overall mental performances and better functions of the immune system. Where do all these benefits come from? After all, you may have repeatedly heard, too that drinking too much coffee can be dangerous to your to your heart.

The Source of the Benefits

One good component of the coffee that carries its health benefits as is mentioned above is the fresh flavor that comes from the roasted coffee beans. The reason why the fresh flavor is one of the sources of most of its health benefits is due to the very rich antioxidants contained in coffee beans. One of the main reasons that espresso coffee is even better for you than standard coffee is ascribed from the process by which it is made-- the steam pushes through the ground coffee beans quickly so practically all of the flavor and antioxidants are contained in that single cup of espresso.

Although regular black coffee drinkers could gain some of the antioxidant benefits, still the healthiest cup of coffee that you will ever get is the first cup brewed! After the initial batch of the regular coffee beans is squeezed out then the next cups of coffee has lesser antioxidants, unless you prepare a fresh batch of ground coffee again.

Even though a lot of people still discredit that coffee is good for your health, numerous researchers have proven that consuming at least one serving of brewed coffee a day can be good to your health. Taking brewed coffee is good, but modifying it with all kinds of sweeteners, creams, and other artificial flavors is something that will only lessen the effects of the health benefits of coffee. This is not to discourage you from having a fancy espresso or coffee to indulge in once in a while. It is still healthier than a bottle of cola. Perhaps even having more than 1 cup of coffee each day would not be that bad after all. Everything should be taken in moderation, of course. So if you should have a cup of coffee with a friend, by all means do so. This way, you will have the health benefits of coffee along with the good flavor and good company all in one!